An absolute joy to watch.

Chuck marrying someone, like blessings, rings, "do you? do you?", I just don't know when I'll get over it.

The guy who once cleaned my hairbrush and then (instead of throwing the hair away) fashioned a Hair Doll for me with a note that said "Your Welcome", he brought two people into the wedded world. This just screams responsible.

Who affixed a ship's wheel to our staircase.
Who picked Meatloaf as his big birthday dinner treat.
Who takes fruit cups and snack packs to work.

That guy officially, legally, forevermore, married two people and it appears this marriage will actually be upheld by the State of California. Is it possible to object, not to the marriage, but to the person marrying them? Would "speak now or forever hold your peace" have applied to misgivings about the officiant? What is etiquette here, Emily Post?

But regardless of how ridiculous I thought this was, I said it yesterday, I'll say it again. He did it perfectly which is still a little shocking.

Part of the deal for Chuck marrying Paul and Shiann was that I would write the ceremony. It was a struggle to write void of sarcasm, sans double entendres, and without so much lovey wuvey lip smack that Chuck could read it and still feel masculine. It also took everything in me not to copy the ceremony from Wedding Crashes. It was a one of life's greatest challenges.

I wrote. I erased. I edited. I rewrote. And Chuck practiced. And practiced. And practiced. I think the ol'Allisons didn't do too shabby on this one.

Just try and imagine Chuck, on a beach, actually for once being serious.
I may have gone picture happy. But oh well, I like a good wedding and I like a good couple and I like to see Chuck doing something I never, ever, in a million years thought I'd see.

Paul and Shiann's Wedding.
A joint venture by the Allisons.

Special cannot begin to describe today.
Today in our lives to bear witness. Today in the lives of Paul and Shiann as they take life's greatest leap of faith. Together. Hand in hand.

Outwardly, today changes little. The world sees two people. Two people who have spent nearly a decade in love and who will continue to be in love tomorrow. They see two people who live, work, and breathe together.

This changes nothing.

And yet, it changes everything.
There's no more "will they, won't they", because they have.
No more "when is the right time?" Because it's now.

It's more than a name change.
It's a declaration only they can hear.
It's a change only perceptible in their hearts and minds.

"Your decision is my decision. Your life is my life."

All the questions have vanished. You are. Finally. And it is as it should be.

Paul and Shiann, remember today, cherish today, and may you never forget the feelings you have for each other right now and the love that brought you to this point.

Continue living as you've lived:
Showing each other respect, compassion and love.
Appreciating each other as unique and independent people.
Living for each other.

Congratulations, Paul and Shiann!

The Allisons.

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  1. Great job, Susie. We couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank You so much.


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