You can call me Judy or Hoohey.

When you have trouble saying "S's", Susie is about the worst name to pronounce.

I would know.

I was born with an impressive lisp. Not just a lisp. An impressive lisp. And a mighty case of tongue thrust. Susie was about the worst name choice possible for me. I want to blame Fe but they let my brother name me, so she gets a pass.

BUT why she didn't change my name to "Karen" when I first opened my mouth is beyond me. How simple would a name change have been? I wouldn't have remembered or cared. I'm very easy going. Plus, we wouldn't have had to deal with the struggle of My Name is Thuthie. A better portion of my childhood was spent being "Judy" because that's what everyone thought my name was. Thuthie = Judy. Trust me. I've had a lot of speech therapy and a lot of painful scars.

So, when I hung out with her today ...
and she struggled with her S's, I felt for her.
When she called me "Hoohey", because that's the best she could come up with for how to say "Susie", I wasn't bothered in the least bit. I just happy to spend some time with her.

She is Isabela and she's my cousin's daughter. What does that make us? Second cousins? First cousins once removed? I've never understood how this process works. Can I pick who I want to "remove"? Because I feel like I would be really good at that.

Cousin Kyle asked if I'd come take pictures for Mother's Day gifts because the sitting at the "real" place was not a joy last year. Isabela was not a big fan and wasn't down to do it again.

Hoohey to the rescue.
I can make Mother's Day pictures fun.
Me and My Giant Mouth make lots of things fun.

We had a quite a little time today.
And I'm pretty psyched to do it again.

I would like it on the record that before her afternoon nap she asked if we could do this again. Make the score: Hoohey 1, Traditional Photo Place 0.


  1. Again, great pics! I'm really hoping it works out for you to capture our moment :-)...

    p.s. btw. You're a teacher, no? You said "I can't tell you WEAR to stay" on my Vegas post.

    Really? hahahaha that cracked me up

  2. Great'll always win when you take pics of kiddos, EVERYONE likes pics of their kids. And here's a bonus...Hadley has a lisp. Your name is solidly pronounced 'suthie'. Should I get a restraining order against you?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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