Those people.

I had a little wake up call tonight. We headed outside for BBQ chicken and I realized we have "that backyard".
That backyard.

That one.


Am I making myself clear enough or did you need more?

BAM. Emril Lagasse style.

I know we had this issue last year but last year it wasn't our fault. We bought the house that way. And I fixed it. I did a really good job. Not really wanting to toot my own horn, but toot.

This year. My fault. I, Susan Elise, did a pathetic (really non-existent) job at keeping up with the backyard growth. In my defense, the backyard was the site of much of the painting nightmare last year and it's a bit like 'Nam to me. I get the shakes back there. I've just seen too much. You'll understand if you ever try to paint your house. The horror. The horror.

Also in that backyard is our AMAZING fence. It all goes really well together. Maybe I shouldn't have pulled the weeds. It really all compliments nicely.

Now, the fence, it needs help. Lots of it. When we moved into this place, we made a mental to-do list. Painting. Fence. Kitchen. On and on and on. The fence was number 2. Emphasis on was. Now, it's not so high.

Why? A couple of reasons and they all have to do with the people who share that piece of the fence with us. I will now compile a list of evidence to help you see our point and explain how the fence suddenly became a "live-able" part of our life.

1. The first thing (first thing) that neighbor said to us was that she wanted us to help them convince the other 5 neighbors they share fence with to get it all replaced. Literally. "Hi, my name is Neighbor. Let's talk about the fence." We had lived in the house one week. I smiled and nodded when she told me they'd be trying to get their fence replaced for 6 years but could never get anyone to go in with them. I thought that was a little weird at first that no one was on board. Now, I get it.

2. The next time I met Neighbor she didn't open her front door for a minute because she thought I was one of her clients and she hates when they track her down. "What do you do for work?" "I work in a psychiatric hospital". Ok.

3. That same time, while I was explaining that we were beginning to paint our house, she jumped all over me about the fence. And the work she was going to hiring a pricey translator to speak to a neighbor about it (she wanted to split that cost, naturally). And how she had a contractor all lined up but still none of the neighbors would commit. I said it wasn't in the budget cards for us that summer because the house painting was of critical importance (our siding wasn't doing so hot). She then gave me an impressive lecture about how being a home owner means spending money and we should have thought about that when we bought. Maybe we weren't ready to buy. Then she explained that we live in a "convergence zone" making our weather different than others in Western Washington so the fence will come down because of this convergence zone wind. I hadn't had a basic weather lesson in a while so it was nice to brush up on facts that were completely WRONG.

4. And finally, she can't remember my name and calls me Sue. That's enough for me to NEVER want to replace the fence EVER.

We are not spiteful people. We are not mean people. For the record, I have never been rude to her. I am smiles and laughs. But that kind of behavior has kind of made it a game and we will kind of not be giving in until we are the last neighbors in the domino chain. Or the fence falls down. Which I am going to bet happens a heckuva lot sooner than the other neighbors giving in. They've held out 6 years. We've barely put in a year and a half.

That's all I've got for tonight.
I have no results pictures on how the backyard looks. I'm working on it. A few hours tonight. More later. I just wanted to share that we are officially those people.

With that backyard. And problems with those neighbors.

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  1. You'll get it up to speed, no worries. You've got the entire summer to work on your great back yard. Remember, it's fenced in so don't worry about people peeking to much.

    I'm presenting you with an award for your greatness and blogginess (if that is a word). Go to Desperate for Coffee to check it out once you have the chance. It's not just another blogger award, there's some thought in it too!!!


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