Nightly feeding.

We decided to take the Hogs for a ride tonight.

It was beautiful this evening. Blue skies. Sun. Perfect May.

We (Chuck) saw sunlight and we (Chuck) had to enjoy it by getting outside and running around. Some of us (Susie) would rather sit on the couch watching Real Housewives of Wherever on TiVo. [I think the parentheses help you understand the story better because you might get confused about who is who since Chuck and I are so alike parentheses(sarcasm)parentheses.]

Chuck loves his outside time. He drags me on 75% of his walks. 98% of those are literally started with kicking and screaming. Literally. I may swim in hyperbole but this time, take it at face value people and imagine toddler style foot stamps over being drug outside. The basis of the argument is simple and consistent (we have that going for us): I stand all day. I chase all day. I am up, down, up, down all day. We do not sit at a desk and excel spreadsheet in First Grade. Chuck wants to move when he comes home. I want the world to stop.

But tonight. I was with him. It was one of those rare occasions. Cause for celebration. Alert the media. Chuck wanted to take the bikes for our evening out. Why not? He worked so hard to get them in working condition. I wanted to throw him a bone.

But I was hesitant.
We don't have helmets yet. And have you met me? Walking train wreck.
Chuck said our new life insurance policies could be our helmets.
(Take note on how careless he is with my life. Use it in the investigation of my untimely demise.)

We headed to the lake behind the house because someone over the age of 5 wanted to feed the ducks.

He's pretty cute feeding the ducks, huh?

We made a few friends on our visit. We named them. We're those kind of people.

These were The Olsen Twin ducks.
They refused to eat anything we brought.

This was Craig David duck.
He's walkin' away.

I could have done without Carrot Top. He would not stop talking and it was ruining the peace and nature and everything else I was supposed to be enjoying. So annoying. Grating, really. I felt we named him aptly.

He was just a gentleman. Mr. Man Duck. Isn't he regal?

Chuck called this one "Susie".
It refused to get in the water for a piece of bread out of laziness and watched it dissolve and sink. I would have done the same. Way too much work when there's yummy dock-bread to be had.

Just ask Chuck.

(gross. no. he didn't. no worries.)

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  1. Holler, Yellow Lake! Thank you for not falling in, it's gross in there.
    The olsen ducks are my favorite, but Craig David made me lol.


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