Just a little awkward, that's all.

Nothing like throwing together two toddlers and hoping for magic.
Magic, as we all know, is an illusion. And Rome certainly wasn't built on hopes.
So the vision may have been flawed.

Cousin Kyle and Sister Shelley had the brilliant idea to throw their daughters together, make me take pictures of it, and assume fabulous would result and we'd have something to give our grandfather for Father's Day.

Great plan.
Not such a great product.
Or execution.

See. The lesson we learned is that we should:
A. Hang out more often so the children actually know each other.
B. Actually, it's all "A". The kids need to know each other for "photo shoots" to work. That's the lesson we learned. I've written it down.

At 2 1/2 and 15 months, hanging out, playing, and posing was a nice dream.
What we got was awkward standing, fuss faces that stood a mile apart, and photos like this:
Isabela was asked to please share flowers with Lucy.
Lucy did not appreciate this gesture.

And standing around like this:
Let's just say Best Friend necklaces ordered last week were put on hold. AWK-ward.

We'll try and get these two babes together more often to try.
Not so much for friendship reasons as for photo reasons because they are stinking cute.
Stinking. Cute.

This one may not be photo genius or "aesthetically pleasing", but it is Susie-pleasing. I love everything about this picture. EVERYTHING. Face. Stance. Rake.

In an hour and a half of picture taking, we have these last two photos. Two. Two of those two that can be salvaged for Grandpa's Father's Day.
At least next time can't be nearly as awkward as this time was.
I think.


  1. #1. I have missed your blogs lately.
    #2. Thank heaven for that first hilarious picture. I have not laughed that loud, that hard, at a blog in... forever.
    #3. I want you to take photos of my kids. Planning a trip to Texas?

  2. The rake one is my favorite too. Let it be known early Bunday women don't do yardwork.


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