It's about time we set some goals.

We're setting goals. Basically, we're trying to be more responsible around here with our time.

Let's break that second sentence down for maximum clarity (apparently, I should have done this breakdown sentence thing when I took the SATs and maybe, just maybe, my score senior year would have beaten the score Chuck got when he took the SATs for fun in 7th grade. Yup.) Ok, breakdown: Trying is a key word. And we need to remember that "more responsible" from our starting place of "zero responsible" makes us shooting for like a 5 on a scale of zero to 100% responsible. Glad we cleared that up.

We've decided to make a Summer To-Do list to focus our thoughts, our goals, and to try and avoid the Labor Day "I can't believe we didn't" blues. Since the Summer season spans Memorial Day to Labor Day, I found this to be a timely over share with you. Consider yourself bless-ed.

The List.
It comes with the [empty] promise of keeping you apprised on when we accomplish the goals and "x" them off the ol'list. Never forget: we are givers.

We have 10 goals. We're keeping it simple. Because anything more than 10 would just be overwhelming. We scare easy.
1. We would like to go to Emerald Downs, dress traditionally (which means, of course, that I will look like Julia Roberts from The Steaming Divets scene and Chuck will look like Colonel Sanders), and take it all very seriously. I will be betting based on prettiest names.
2. Not sure on your familiarity with this, BUT court houses are a pretty good show. We will bring popcorn and come back with stories. Laugh now, but remember that we also made a day out of an estate auction. Do not question or judge us. We know funny.

3. We would like to grow something that we can eat. Anything will work. Cutting corners will not. Gagging down a rose for principle of crossing this one off the list will not be allowed. It will be considered, I'm sure, when we forget to plant in a timely manner, but we will not resort to dramatics.
4. Divorce Chuck.
Marry Rob.
Simple. And probable.
5. True story, this picture is actually what we're going for. Two tone cabinets. Colors are perfect. Bets can be placed on how long this will take. It took us 6 months to hang a few lights and 58 days to paint the exterior. Place the bets high.
6. Random, I know. But college roommate Josh lives in Missoula which is where my Grandparents are from. We'd like to go, hang out, and visit a little Susie family history (it seems like a fun little road trip). Oh, and I will be visiting you too, Blog Stalker Jenna. Consider yourself warned.
7. It's not technically a to-do, but it could be should the fence fall. Should it fall, the to-do will be to put it back up because I will never, ever fix that fence. Ever.
8. The purity, the sanctity of garage sitting. It's exactly as it sound: Sit (in the garage) at the exact point where garage meets driveway. Try it.

9. We might need to invest in some new friends for this one. Anyone? Friendship for sale: One fairly annoying, kinda neurotic female and one nerdy, extra slim male seek boating companions.
10. Organize the garage from current Hoarders state to something less likely to be featured on A&E. OR shove everything up against the wall and call it good. I'm betting on the latter.

The List is set.
You'll hold us accountable.
I know you will.


  1. Garage sitting is the best. With booze.

    And I like your "to-do" list, extremely realistic.

    Edward is totally yours. Dibs on Jacob.

  2. 1) Count me in. I bet on colors and names. 2) I def. want to go to court. Just don't be surprised if we get arrested for being awesome. 3) the growing is all you. 4) I've already married rob, but we'd be into polygomy for you. 5) 298 days. 6)Hi Josh. 7) heck no, don't touch that fence. 8) My chair is packed. 9) Can I bring water wings to said boat? 10) quit denying your inner hoarder.

  3. Coming home all summer. Let me know when you want to join me, because I'll be sitting in your garage a majority of the time. Although, it'll be like when you're 16 and you have to go and pick up all of your friends that don't have their licenses yet, because I don't have a car. I'll make cookies, and all will be right with the world.


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