I never thought PW would do this to me.

Do you remember Myspace?
I know, years ago right? Such a cliched fad. I feel that Myspace is the Hypercolor-tee of its day. Fast in - awesome - fast out - total joke.

Anyhoo. Once upon 2006, I had Myspace. Don't judge. You did too. You loved it. You loved Tom. You posted notes, quizzes, and made that crucial Top 8 decision. Families and friendships were destroyed by Top 8s.

I had a little fun with the Top 8 one day. I'd like to share that day with you. I'm a giver. It connects with my overall point so you have no choice. Settle in.

On the mornin' of Best Friend Cheryl's bachelorette party, I sent out messages, myspace bat signals, to everyone in Cheryl's Top 8. I included a picture, a request for profiles to be reset, and a plea to forward the message to others.

It was my finest hour.

Finest hour. Everyone's profile was a tribute to Cheryl and about 50 others that I'd never met changed their picture too. Perfection. It was simple, and yet a total invasion. You'll have to try and think back to 2006 and remember that Myspace was the currency we lived by. This effectively bankrupted Cheryl.

For the last four years, this prank has reigned for Cheryl and my friendship. That reign ended tonight. All good dynasties must come to an end. I was prepared for this day.

You may remember my failed attempt to meet The Pioneer Woman.
Let me jog your memory: I waited in line 4 hours but had to leave for a school function. Darn responsibility. I never met her. It was tragic. We were supposed to be best friends.

Tonight PW was in Charlotte, about 3 hours from where Cheryl lives. Cheryl went alone, like I did, and sadly watched the groups of friends so excited to be there together. It's not fun living a continent away from your BFF. And yes, that is BFF Claire's style. We have necklaces to prove it. See:

Don't ever doubt me. She is BE FRI. I am ST END. Own it.

Back to my story.
Cheryl got to meet PW.
I'm mad with jealousy.

Cheryl walked the stairs to meet her. Had an epiphany. Got to the table. And told PW a story. It's called "My best friend tried to meet you and failed. Can you do me a favor so I can win?". There was a roar of laughter from the audience and PW when Cheryl asked the favor. And of course, Ree said yes.
That's Cheryl's book.
And yes, PW wrote "Suck it Susie!"

Double win goes to PW for doing this and Cheryl for asking.
I love her more than my luggage.
I really do.


  1. That's absolutely horrible.

    Now we just need to get a scheme for you to meet Robert Pattinson.

    Epic fail.


  2. Love you ST END - wish you could have been there. But, then again, I kind of don't, because then my personally signed copy of the cookbook wouldn't say "SUCK IT SUSIE!"

    ~ BE FRI

  3. Dang, Cheryl. You are masterful.


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