What I'd do for Twilight and Oprah.

Perez Hilton changes lives. I think we can all agree on that.
During my daily blog rounds (you know you have your rituals, which ones come first, which are weekly, which are on whims), and of course Perez is in a high rotation in my US Weekly fed life. Perez. What a saint. He alerted the masses that Oprah was trying to fill her audience with TwiHards.

Hello. Have we met? Total Adult TwiHard. I'm ashamed in as much as I am not. I own it. Maybe my first graders shouldn't know that I'm "Team Edward", but they do. The giant metal lunchbox tipped them off. And the Valentine's, birthday , and every other card in between that gets delivered to my room with a Twilight theme. Sigh. Again. I own it. Shame is rarely a factor in my life.

Once I read about Oprah, I sent out the Cullen Crest bat signal to my TwiHomies to find an idea that proved, without remorse or reservation, what hardcore fans we are. I'll give full credit (or blame) to Jessica for the bomb.com idea for our entry submission. Stroke of genius or insanity. Whatever. We're 25, 26, 27 and we're pretty awesome.

Below. Our pictures for Oprah, except that I Susie-fied it for the blog because you know me, you know my humor, my style and I don't have to tip-toe. Oprah, however, I'll need to tone it down. Probably.
Hopefully Oprah will. And if not, well, we had a heckuva Sunday.


We've never totally fit in the Twilight crowd.
TwiMoms can be pretty obnoxious.
TwiGirls are at a questionable level on appropriateness. I get that the books were written at a fourth grade reading level, but the content? Well, it would have been beyond me at 15, let alone 9.

But these fans have nothing on us late-twenty something TwiHards. We can take "fan" to a whole new level because we don't have minivans or curfews. It's the one thing we have on other Twilighters. And it's what we think about while lined up for a midnight release next to them.

The Oprah question is: How has Twilight impacted your life?
The answer is: Twilight isn't just a fad, for us, it's part of our everyday.

Figuratively, we carry Twilight with us everywhere.
We haven't had a non-Twilight conversation amongst our group in years.
We haven't had spaghetti without saying we were "making Italiano" since 2008.
And we certainly haven't signed an email any other way the Mrs. Cullen in Edward-only-knows how long.

Our spouses would care for us to take a breather.
Our families have rolled their eyes for so long they risk staying that way.
And now, well, they'd all like to disown us a lil'bit.

That whole figurative part. Well, we decided to go literal and literally carried Twilight (more specifically, Edward) with us for the day.

See? When I said we literally carried him with us, I was dead serious.
Don't ever doubt me again.
We literally CARRIED HIM WITH US. Get it now? I thought so.

We took Eddie all over Seattle with us, showing him the sites and a good time. We thought it best to show him where we think of him most, where we wish he'd be, and where we'll probably be the day they take us away in cute little white jackets with arms at criss-cross.

Now. Let's get to our day.
A classic. We took him to the Space Needle. This is stop one, photo one. Jessica was reasonably nervous and (quote) "embarrassed, but not enough NOT do this". We did the "park in a loading zone" and ditched the Civic. By the end of the day, we'd perfected this move.
Edward was kind enough to sit with us during lunch even though he's on his special "vegetarian" diet. What a gentleman.
The thing that bothered us most during our Book Club was the NO ONE CARED. No one. Look at the picture. Business as usual at the Pike Place Starbucks.
It's a couples pic. I'm sitting on his lap. It's our favorite pose together.
Play Where's Edward?
Flowers from Edward. Livin' the dream.
I don't usually "get" my friends, but this one got Jessica. Win. Total PDA. Don't tell any camp counselors.
Someone should always be watching me drive.

Note the people in the background on the streetcar.

They needed to get in on the action. Dealing with fans and paparazzi is always a challenge with Edward. We knew to be prepared.
Taking a shopping picture at Nordstrom was the worst.
It was nerve racking.
It was embarrassing.
It's like taking a picture in church. You just feel icky.
We ran to leave.
See, Edward's a musician. Naturally, when he saw the piano, he had to pen a lullaby for us.
Jumping. We're just so happy together.

Our own personal meadow with Edward.

I'd say, pretty successful little adventure since this is about 1/3 of the usable pictures we took. Chuck took administrative privileges and made me limit the post. Who even likes that guy?

Writing my Oprah essay tomorrow.
Fingers and gold eyes crossed.



  1. "Twilight" embarrassment is not in my vocabulary.

  2. You guys look like you had a lot of fun!!! I personally would be carrying Jacob. SO much better for Bella in my opinion. Sorry :-)

  3. I say we just send a URL to your blog when we type up the letter for the on-line post for Oprah and call it done. She would totally like your style!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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