We'll give him a point for this one.

The painting is the done.
The clean-up. Well. It's a work in progress. Kind of like Me.
We'll get some pictures up tomorrow. Promise. But it's fabulous so far even with two ladders, three tarps, and a contract still taped to the window.

Painting takes it out of you. Just ask Chuck. There's a 17 foot ceiling involved, you're hanging off an extension ladder, and babysitting your wife. Man, does Chuck have it rough around here. That man wears a lot of hats and takes on a lot of responsibility.

I love him for it.

I love him more that the second he finished, he laid on the living room carpet and I caught him like this:

He doesn't usually show weakness.

He took a 5 minute breather and was off again.
He's been working on a very important project for a week and wasn't about to let painting exhaustion stop him.

I want it for the record that I never asked for this to get done.
I certainly never asked him to get it done today.
But he did.

He fixed my Schwinn.

It's a 1950s Hollywood Beach Cruiser.
Try not to be too jealous.

I debuted it last year on the blog, but that disgusting event known as "painting the exterior of our house" (that sucked the life out of every bit of last summer) put the bike on the back burner.
And I never got to ride it.

So Chuck was bent on making it up to me with an early start to this season.
And he's a promise keeper. One of us has to be.

This baby and I have some serious memory making ahead of us.
Chuck gets one point in the "good thing I married you" column.


  1. You need to get a pink bike helmet and bedazzle it!

  2. You're husband is amazing and someone every man should definitely look up to. Laziness is not a condition!!!

  3. Good work on the beard Chuck. Lee's impressed.


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