We call this "high gear".

We had to kick it into high gear yesterday.
There was the mess from painting, the mess from having adult boys at our house all weekend, and the mess that we call "My Life".

And we had about 6 hours to fix it all because today, this arrived:

Its name is Mother-in-Law and it's come to visit.
By looking critically at this picture, you can tell that she is also 6'4 like Chuck.
Or that Chuck is sitting flat on his "rumper bumper" (that's first grade speak for butt) in order to fit in the frame.

Nothing can clean a house better than Mother-in-Law.
Not that I'm making her clean, golly no. I did it. All. In a hurry. And it's not like a quick vacuum will get the job done. We have to really sell this "clean" thing. Make it look good.

I needed to bring my house up to code so she thinks that we live this well. It's like having the Building Inspector at the work site and knowing that the Building Inspector gave birth to one of the occupants. It's a critical walk-through. I don't want to lose custody of my husband.

And in the name of retaining custody,
We now have a pantry that looks like this.
Even rows. Shelves with definate purpose. The discovery of several cans of chiles (it's like Christmas in that place). And the throwing away of anything with Happy Valentine's Day and kisses on it.

Our fridge has never looked prettier. Someone call Cribs.
Did you know that you should probably throw salad dressing away if you, oh I don't know, moved into the house owning it?? Evidently, 2008 is not our current year.
I threw away 7 cardboard boxes from this cupboard. Lie. It was more like 9 and three empty toilet paper bags. What?? Now, I'm wondering what to put in it. It's in the bathroom. It's spacious. Roomie. It needs help. I'm thinking this would be fun: go here. And let me know. I'm waiting.
Look how evenly rolled the towels are. This is so Monica Gellar it makes me want to cry. For Friends (I miss it, still). And for the fact that I'm 2 years older than Monica on the series premier. Now I want to die. This post is depressing.

It is worth it.
Because she is joy. And I miss her. And she wouldn't care if the house was trashed to high heaven, she's just happy to be here (I know that). But I don't see her a lot so I want her image of me to be of perfection, joy, and simplicity.

Not like reality: Hot mess. Moody. Boarderline hoarder.


  1. Dear "Hoarder",

    Your green & white striped boxes are not the same size. They are making me crazy looking at my computer screen. I must go organize now and shut off the computer. i can't stand it. Rolled towels...nice touch.

  2. Don't think of yourself as messy, eclectic is the right word.

  3. quiero presentar para mi
    soy jean pierre alavio enper
    voy estar ahi contigo por mi
    eres tu compa un amigo


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