Taste of my own medicine.

There may have been a time in my life when I was a picky eater.
That time was my childhood and that time may still be now.

I just, well, I like what I like. I'm a little black and white. I make bold statements and I will ride them into the grave before admitting fault or error.

With the picky eating and my strong personality (isn't that a nice way to put it?),I can only imagine how difficult I was to feed when I was little. No red meat. No fish. No vegies. If it wasn't chicken or Chef Boyardee, count me out. Most of that list still applies. Especially the Chef Boyardee part.

The whole "what goes around", well, I got a little taste of my own picky eating medicine this week. Lu and I had an evening together. She made it pretty clear she was not a fan of dinner: Tortellini in a Creamy Tomato Sauce. Which is delicious, btdub.

So I'd like to get something out in the open, off my chest if you will. Call it a first. I'm apologizing. I know. Gasp. Right? This is for you Fe. For all those years of "ew" faces and head shakes and huffy breaths.

Dear Fe,

I am sorry for all the dinners that I ruined because I hated trying new things. I'm sorry for spitting flank steak into my napkin and the numerous times I made myself vomit for effect. At least I was spirited and committed, you have to give me that. I've always had a flair for the dramatic (middle child...).

At least you instilled in me the "you have to try it" philosophy.

I asked Lucy to try it. I knew this wouldn't be an issue. She's always down to try food. Love her for this.

However, Fe, this did not go well.
She spit it back at me.
Every time she tried one. She is not puking. She is spitting it out. With impressive force. I felt like we crossed into the "having fun" part of eating and the game "Spit at Sister" was comedic genius.
Then she decided that it wasn't enough to spit my hard cooked meal back at me, we needed to squish it in our hands like she was carrying home a baby bumblebee (ps: I don't usually placate like this, but if you didn't catch that reference then I weep for your childhood. Follow this link.) She was a ball of baby giggles through dinner.

It hurt.
I wanted her to like this.
I wanted it bad, but she didn't.
I think I have a greater understanding, Fe, of how it feels to cook, serve, and be rejected.

It hurts.
It hurts deep.

I'm sorry for the hurt I've caused, Fe.

Big apologies, but that's not really the end of this post, because we had a night of love and fun together. And you need to see the rest. You need to. Trust me.
I did appreciate her microphone drop "I'm out" with the last tortellini.
"A+" for spirit and commitment, just like her aunt. I respect that. It's how I roll.

I had Fe on my mind -- obviously, I was feeling 27 years of guilt -- which led me to bath time. I went The Fe route. Fe made bath time a blast. When we were big enough it was Popsicle baths (when the Popsicle is gone, it's hair washing time. The woman has a gift.). When we were babies: sink baths. So much more fun.

Lu was a bit of a hot mess from the tortellini. We needed a sink bath a-sap.
Hot. Mess.
I'm sorry, but bath time pictures are like Kryptonite to me.

There is actually a babysitting bi-law that mandates alfalfa hair at bath time. I had no choice. I'm a law biding citizen and bound to it.
Oh. This face. Forgiven for not liking my tortellini because this smile could get away with anything.

As an aside, I took a gem of a picture during our time together and it makes me cry because it's so "Lu". It's The Stance. How or why she stood like this, beyond me. The fact that the 3x5 note cards she's holding look proportionately appropriate in her wee baby hands, kills me.
You are welcome.
I'm out.
Microphone drop.
Or tortellini -- whatever's closest.


  1. Oh. My. God. I just wrote "are" instead of "our." And "bumblebess" instead of "bumblebees."
    How white trash can I be?

    *stepping away from the keyboard*

  2. Ok. These pictures are beyond adorable #1- because Lucy is adorable #2- because you are a really great photog! You catch so many great candids... I've got a question for you about taking pictures for a very very special occasion...email me :-)Please!


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