Road Trip, party of one.

Road Trip!!
Holla. In my head, I'm totally saying it exactly like the girls in Legally Blonde. Totally.

This girl got to go on an alone road trip for her Spring break.

Oh yes. This girl.
They let me drive all by myself. ALL BY MYSELF. Big girl. Rollin' in my 5.0.

I am so stinking cool. I amaze myself. Nothing screams cool like driving by yourself to the Glee soundtracks (volumes 1 and 2, because I'm that awesome).

In this.

With this in the backseat.

It's Fe's grandma mobile also known as PK's winter weather mobile. Tisk Tisk for thinking otherwise. A plague on all your houses.

It wasn't a long road trip. Just an hour and a half. 100 miles if you prefer. In Washington, we judge distance based on time. It's 3 minutes to QFC. I live 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. We don't use miles and inches. I'm unfamiliar. Metric, US what?

I needed to go back to the Happiest Place on Earth other than Disneyland.

And Happiest Place on Earth in Washington is a little town called Ellensburg. It's quaint. It's farming. It's practically perfect in every way. It's a mountain pass from Seattle and about a million worlds. It's where we went to college and it's where we lived the first few years of being The Allisons. And given the chance, we'd move back in a heart beat.

Something about Ellensburg stuck with us. It was a lifestyle Chuck was more used too -- he's from the farm side of the state. For me, it was like being in another country where the currency isn't Starbucks or Nordstrom. I was lost at first. And then I fell in love. The simplicity. The everything-is-5-minutes-away freedom. The pace. Oh. The pace. It took years to slow down to fit Ellensburg but before I knew it, driving more the 20 down a street really did feel too fast. It still kind of does. (For the record, the speed limit really is 20 and there are about a dozen stop lights).

I needed a fix.
I needed to clear my head from everything life is throwing around and take some time to just be with me. Total middle kid style.
To breathe.
To stop.

And the only place that can slow me that much is Ellensburg.

I took some time to pop in and see my first set of school colleagues, who I still love and still miss and still think of as teammates. But mostly, I got to just wander. Up and down the quiet streets. Out into the country. Over into the neighboring towns which are even smaller if that's even possible.

It was utter perfection. It was nice to be with just me. Frightening at first because there is a lot going on up in this head of mine. Alone. No one wanted their shoes tied. No dishes needed to be done. No one needed me for any reason. I was off the grid for 36 hours and this fo-sho (yep) needs to happen again.

The wandering was the best.
Mostly because I took my BFF Pentax with me.
We had a lovely time together.

I went out into the country to this barn that I loved in college.
This is it when I was in college a thousand years ago:

Isn't it fabulous?

Here it is today:

Okay. I lied. It's the same picture. I'm pretty obsessed with my new set of Photoshop Actions and I had to try out them out (you'll see all of these actions in a minute -- I got a little Action happy when editing...). I had no choice but to try them. Hands. Tied.

I'll leave you with that. Here are my pictures from my wanders. This was my mini-road trip back to the sticks. The parts of me that wanted to take pictures of barns -- definitely got a little of Ellensburg stuck in me. The other part that was lying in rye grass wearing skinny jeans, red heels, and a boyfriend blazer taking pictures -- well, you can take the girl out of the city...

Me and Pentax -- Penty, now that we've spent a year together -- had quite a time.
I'm much more peaceful now.
Ellensburg does that to a person.


  1. Is it bad that I drive that same subaru (aka granny-mobile or whatever term you gave it) and the glee soundtrack is #5 in my cd changer? Is that bad? Because that pretty much sums up my life.

  2. I sneezed when I saw the cotton picture.

    I would give anything for 36 hours in eburg right now!

  3. miss that wonderland that is the burg :,(


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