The joy of painting.

We have a beauticious living room now.
It's been a long road. Quite a little process. Quite a few tantrums.

Home decorating is just not my forte. I can accessorize myself. I cannot accessorize my house. So, for months and months and months, the living room looked like this:

Amazing right? So much life. Vitality. Stunning.
It's exactly what you want people to see when they come to your house.
It's what first impression dreams are made of.

We needed a change. This room is like the anti-Susie. Boring. Plain. Neutral. And we all know that I am fantastic, exciting, and opinionated. Duh.

The giant room needed color.
I bought the trinkets and knick knacks.
I picked the paint color.
I set up my little project.
Only, I am not actually capable of doing said project.
Not with 17 foot ceilings and a 30 foot extension ladder.

I always feel guilty over projects like this.
It was my idea. It was my game.
But he bares the brunt of it.

The rest of us sit and watch until we can participate at a lower level.

Because it isn't safe for us to be on extension ladders.
It's barely safe for me on solid ground.

But it's done. Decor (for now). And painting (forever).

And I'm pretty darn happy with it.
Don't you just love a good before and after?
I know I do.

He's pretty happy about it all too.

Oh hey, kitchen.
You're next.


  1. Big ups to your eye and your man's skillz. Mad props yo. Mad.


  2. It looks incredible. Literally straight out of a design magazine.

    We're going to be painting our apartment soon. It's gonna be interesting.

  3. that's good. that's, like, magazine good.

  4. I'm so impressed. It looks awesome. You want to come do my house?

    We can do the painting. You pick the colors.

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! You can never go wrong with color, I am huge fan of painting any and all walls. My house kind of looks like a preschool there are so many colors around.
    P.S. You are pretty stinkin' funny, your blog always makes me laugh. Meet me and brooke for coffee some time, we will put you on a table at Starbucks (with safety net and harness of course), give you a mic, and just have you entertain us.
    PPS Sorry, not Starbucks, we'll take your junk food eating ass to McD's, but only if they are out of their pepper stage.


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