The Greatest Gift Ever

I stumbled across a few treasures tonight.
Blessed treasures.

They were on Chuck's "Back Dat File Up" CDs. Yep. I married a winner.

Back to the treasures. We found photo treasures.
I thought I'd share a few treasures from yester-year. Some gems. They brightened my day. Maybe they'll brighten yours.

Interestingly enough this was actually the picture on my bachelorette party invites. Lucky girl, right? This is beyond old. Pre-engagement old. Someone should have warned me. And also interesting is that Chuck still owns and wears this outfit. Abercrombie jacket. Quiksilver tee. Help.
This is Newman, Fe's cat. If she was in first grade, we'd have a little chat about sitting lady like when we're wearing a skirt (or nothing, in her case). Knees together.

Chuck and Chuck. Get it?
I woke up one morning in 2006 and found a note on our mirror. "I made it in Paint. 4:30 am". The anticipation waking the computer up almost killed me. And there it was. He made it in Paint. He worked through sunrise. He hasn't changed a lot in his ability to waste time. In fact, he may have only gotten better at it. Sisters.
Did you need an explanation? 4 years and a Lucy ago, Shelley did some light body building. It was a treat. We went to a few competitions. Chuck did not fit in so well in the body building crowd which is what made them so much fun. Sending Chuck to a protein powder booth and asking Thor for advice on bulking up was a joy to watch. We should go back to these.

And the best thing I found tonight, the greatest gift ever:That would be a hand-drawn picture of Chuck and Me from his lovely sister Nan. She's a peach. If I remember correctly, this was a gift for Christmas 2002 but I'm so old I can hardly recall. It's in a frame, in our office, and I think it really captures us well. Please take in all the elements of the picture because it's the details that make it epic.

Considering yesterday's post, I thought you'd think this drawing was a riot. I did.

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