epic epiphany.

We aren't big into trendy around here.
You may have noticed.
Chuck has Billabong Tees from junior high. I habitually order a Roy Rogers with dinner. And there's a ship's wheel attached to our balcony. Lord knows we wouldn't have iPhones. or iBooks. or iPods. Basically everything that Apple makes is way too trendy for us. Trendy like that terrifies us.

Thus. The iPad is literally mind-boggling to me.

I don't get it. Really, no, I mean it. I DON'T GET IT. Why? Why??? I've taken a few weeks since its introduction to mull this over since I'm not one to jump to conclusion (lie) or make snap judgements (lie).

Today. I figured it out.
[cue angel chorus]
I get it. AND I totally agree with the iPad's creation. I completely understand why it's necessary.
Because is it just me, or did Apple bring Penny's computer book to life and call it an iPad? WHICH IS COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WONDERFUL.
God bless that Steve Jobs. He must have been a BIG go-go Gadget fan.

It's thrilling, when you think about it, that something so futuristic from childhood has come to fruition. It's real. Now I can help rescue Uncle Gadget from Dr. Claw with a computer book. I'm sure there's an app for that.

There are just so many doors this opens now.
So many possibilities.
What else will they create?
What else is on the technology horizon?

Hey, you in the black, Steve, right? I have some suggestions. A few things I'd like brought to life a-sap if you wouldn't mind.
While we are on the Gadget topic, let's just go for broke and make Penny's watch, too. I don't see what's so difficult. They made the freaking computer book. The basic design for this piece was perfected by Timex in the mid-80s. Add a touch screen and an app. Done.

How difficult would it be to manufacture and create Falcor?
It can't be anymore difficult than the iPad.
And, it would be much more useful.
I would like the technology/ability to dive into a pile of money. This just feels right. Side note: Is anyone else's life like a hurricane? Or is that only in Duckburg? Race cars. Lasers. Airplanes.
Hoverboard. Obviously.
Can they make up some sort of a mobile telephone device like Don Adams had on Get Smart? Wouldn't it be so convenient to have a transportable telecommunication hardware? It would be ideal. A phone in your hand! Consider the possibilities! And what if you could also add written language to this speaking telegraph like a sort of computer generated telegram.
I would also like them to begin manufacturing the potion for Death Becomes Her.
And yes. That's the movie poster in Spanish.
It came up first on my search. And I'm lazy.
You spend 10 hours at work, 6 of them chasing 7 year olds, and then muster up the energy to click and save picture number 2 when number 1 is just oh-so-convenient.
Naturally, I would also like Apple to create the telephone booth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, complete with So-Crates.
Couple of points of discussion:
1. Does this movie translate to the youth of today?
sub point a: Do they know what a phone booth is?
sub point b: Do they know what/why/how a phone booth is necessary?

And once the phone booth time machine is invented, immediately go back in time and destroy the script to Speed 2. And Sweet November. And The Lake House.

Did I miss anything?


  1. OMG, when mike was here in november we spent one whole night singing and humming and laughing over the go go gadget theme song, then started on the ducktales theme!!! we had such great cartoons growing up!!

  2. There must be an app for that.
    Can someone please forward this to Apple? y Keanu. gracias.

  3. Funny, we just ordered the first season of Ducktales for Tyler. :) Inspector Gadget may be next...

  4. Once again-you have me in stitches! Funny lady. I LOVE the ipad! Can't wait to afford one :)


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