Easter, Lucy style.

I'm so RTC (resistant to change).

I am just not a big fan of changes in routines. I have things the way I like them and I like to just let it ride. Why make changes when you've got a good thing goin'? You can spell middle child S-U-S-I-E. Let me break this down for you: I'm still dealing with the addition of Shelley to our family and she's 24.

Big change du jour: holidays are gonna get a lot different now that we have Lucy running around needing to make memories. The fun, it kind of needs to be for her now. I get it. Right. It's not all about us kids anymore -- us "Originals". It's about Lucy. She wins.

Luckily, Fe and PK are good at dealing with these changes and with my middle child tantrums. Instead of throwing the Originals under the bus in favor of Lucy, they've decided to just add a Lucy-phase to holiday traditions.

First New Holiday Tradition: Lucy's egg hunt.
Naturally, we Originals wanted our own egg hunt because we're like 5, so Lucy did her own first because our egg hunt is full contact and she's too delicate.

See? Delicate.
But she rocked her hunt.

Probably because her Easter outfit was slammin'.

Parenting Win: Point Shelley.
Purse. Check. Bow. Check. Corduroy jumper. Check. Cowboy boots. Obvious check.

Lucy decorated her own eggs on Saturday. And by decorate, I mean cracked their shells because that sound is awesome and dropped them with vengeance into each color. She'd let them sit for about negative 2 seconds and move on to the next color. Then she poured the green coloring on Shelley's rug. Childhood Win: Point Lucy. It was a joy to watch.

The eggs turned out beautiful.

And because of the solid cracking she'd given each egg, they were hidden inside protective Ziplocs. Yep.

Yeah, about the bag. No remembered to get a basket and I am apparently not a basket person because I couldn't find a'one. Next year. It's on the list. She didn't seem to mind. She totally got the egg hunt concept. She was in her element.

PK had to do some light helping (which is interesting, because he also had to help during the "adult" egg hunt), and he scores a point for matching his socks so beautifully to his outfit. He's fantastic.

PK also got to pull purse duty. I love that this is a born-with skill. Take that nurture fans. This one is all nature. She did this on her own. "Where shall I put this purse during my hunt? Oh, I know. Where's the nearest man?"
Pretty stinking fabulous.

Oh and here's a treat. Shelley grabbed the camera and actually took a pic of Me and Lu. This is rarer than Hailey's Comet, I think. I'm turning into that Dad who's never in pictures.
The thing is, I'm totally fine with all these changes because I love her so much it physically hurts me.

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