The Contract.

We (I) decided that we (I) didn't like the lack of color in the living room/dining room. It needed to be painted immediately. And we (I) would have it no other way. Paint was purchased. Dreams were made. Goals set.

That was 6 weeks ago.
We're a little slow on the uptake around here.

But today. This weekend. The number was up for the uniroom. Goodbye Sherwin William's Flat Boring Beige. Hello Sea Wall.

I love painting rooms.
I love the transformation.
I love rolling, and trimming, and taping.

Chuck loves it too.
He does not, however, love painting with me.
I have no idea why. I am a joy. Usually.

But apparently, I have had a bad attitude a few times during the process. Evidently, I have said some things I shouldn't have about paint colors before they were done drying. And there may have been some foot stamps and huffy breaths in the past over how things were looking before they were finished. I have a lot of opinions and I like them heard.

It seems that Painting with Susie may be Chuck's breaking point. On an aside, it's a personal win to find this breaking point, because that guy is a tough one to push too far. He'll put up with anything -- look who he married. I can't believe I finally did it. Score.

Painting started this morning.
But not before I signed "the contract".

Chuck called me to his conference room (the kitchen, in layman's terms) for a meeting.

He was preparing his document.

I grabbed my camera. Whatever this was, it was going to be good.
He used a marker as the tool to craft his Painting Contract because he knows that in my world, Crayola carries much more weight than Bic. I practically say my own version of the Lord's Prayer to Crayola every morning. "Our crayolas that art in boxes, sky blue and violet be thy name."

I read.
I signed.
I whined.

(and you will care not to judge my nail polish in that picture.)
Chuck had Jack serve as the witness.
He read and notarized.

"I, Susan Elise Allison, promise to not have a freak out over the paint color until the paint has been on the wall for not less than three (3) hours. I will not say that I hate it, the house, or my husband."

He taped the contract to the living room window to help me uphold my agreement. But I did good today. He only tapped the window twice to remind me of our contract.
That's good for me.

Really good.
We'll see how tomorrow goes.


  1. I gave you a blog award! Check out my page for it and the rules that go along with it :-)

  2. Can I have the rights to use this with my clients? ; )

    Can't wait to see the end result!

    Mary-Frances Cimo
    Color Strategist

  3. L.O.L.

    Dude. I totally hate on Brad everytime we do a remodel project. And since we remodeled our house and completely gutted parts of it, man, did things get ugly. Worst part is Brad is a construction major. Should have learned by now that I can trust him.

    Except for picking paint colors. That is not his talent. A blind monkey could do better.

    I love your posts. Thanks so much for making me laugh.


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