Why hello Spring. Sit. Stay a while.

It was just plain gorgeous here today. No two ways around it. It was as it should be around here. Tomorrow, it will pour. Now, that's more like it.

First day of Spring and every bit as amazing as I'd hoped it would be. Usually Spring Day 1 is a total let down of March cold + rain + gross. Usually a total disappointment, kind of like my marriage (j/k, lol, brb). I know that the weather isn't going to miraculously change because we are tilting past the half way point and a little closer to the sun for one day, (not gonna lie -- I had to go to Chuck on that one. I thought equinox meant "it gets prettier out") but every year I hope for a big difference. Thanks for living up to my expectations 2010.

It was so Spring today. I'm not one for symbolism or signs, but it was just blatant that Spring had arrived.

The Tulips are almost out. They're about to debut.

Hello, lovers.

The Hydrangeas are budding. You folks are gonna need to do a better job blooming this year or I'm cutting you loose. A hydrangea bush with 4 2-inch blossoms was not by idea of wonderful. You've been warned.

The Chucks are cleaning. Something about the sound of a shop vac on a sunny day reminds me so much of PK when I was growing up. He loves his shop vac. He loves to vac. Big clean car guy. I take after Fe. She had a bumper sticker (emphasis, had, they were big in the later '80s) that said a clean car was the sign of a sick mind. That Fe. Modern day prophet.

The Chucks are also being Captain Safety, apparently. The dude is wearing ear plugs to vacuum. Lord, I'm a fool for this man, but sometimes his nerdiness stops me in my tracks. Love him.

I pulled weeds.
Nope. I pulled bulbs.
Again. This happened last year. I am not a good learner apparently.

I did pull real weeds, though, a lot of them.
Hey PK -- does 5-cents a weeds still apply for 27 year olds with their own house? Because if so, then I will accept cash or check.

And it was Jack's first walk of the season.
More like tour of the yard.
See, Jack lacks basic outdoor survival skills so he's indoor only. It's better that way. For all parties involved.

He sniffed around.

Ate a weed (evidently everyone knows the difference between weeds and bulbs except me).

Played Jungle Cat.

He thinks he's a panther. It's adorable.

There was a brief moment of panic when the neighbors got home.
But it subsided quickly when we found a leaf that needed to be licked.

We thought Jack probably wanted to go back inside. He'd been out a while and was having a time, but we like to let Jack make his own choices. We like to give him options.

It may have been too many options.

He wanted head in and safe.

Bottom out and toasty warm.
(pay no attention to the appliance in our foyer. leaking valves. replacing tubes. no biggie. )

And then we decided to lay down.

Upside down style.

And we rolled.

And rolled.

And rolled.

And rolled.

He has never been this dirty.

Or this proud of himself. It took years to brush him clean. Years.

At least he had manners enough to put himself on a plastic bag and in the corner for time out.

(we're still working on that paint color thing. whatev. don't judge).

Holla at-cha, Spring.
Glad to have you back.


  1. There is no cat like Jack!!!!

  2. your cat on a leash...that stopped me dead in my tracks. You really got 5 cents a weed. Geeze, I'd be a millionaire if my cheap, no good, mom offered this up. Love your nerdy hubs and his earplugs...and no worries, your dear readers don't have a friggin' clue what 'the equinox' means either. I thought it was some thug liquor like 'hypnotic' or something.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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