What's sad is that I didn't even see it coming.

Oh, Cause and Effect.
Not so much my strong suit. I get the concept. Really, I do. It's the application of the idea that confounds me. I mean, I Cause a lot of things. I just don't see the Effect coming until it's too late and Chuck is cleaning up my mess.

No. Seriously. This has been going on for years. I'm sure Fe and PK could write a tell-all about Susie's Lack of Cause and Effect Capabilities. My life. Sigh.

Cause:I was cleaning paint brushes. They needed a good shake, wet dog style. So I shook 'em. Effect: soapy, green paint water all over the kitchen. Swear to you: didn't see it coming.

Cause: I wanted a cold soda. But the 12 pack was not even slightly chilled and I have an aversion/religious problem with ice cubes. So I stuck it in the freezer.
Effect: Did you know those things explode? I did not. That was a magical Dr. Pepper caramelized wonderland and Chuck said I could clean it up all by myself.

Cause: In college, I needed to proved a point in an argument with Chuck and the point involved tipping a sliver amount of Orange Crush onto his dining hall tray.
Effect: Guess what? Those things do not hold liquid well and Chuck had 12 oz of orange in his lap. He was not too thrilled with me. I had done absolutely no pre-thinking that would have helped me pre-determine that outcome. None.

I try really hard at learning this skill, but I am not doing so hot.

Chuck came home yesterday and found my Terra Cotta Army in the driveway.

He did a big sigh. He apparently can see my effects long before I can. That guy has a sixth sense for it OR he's been covering for my lack of sense of too many years and has created a Super Sense.

I knew that I needed to be careful or I'd get spray paint everywhere. I really thought it through. Paper. Boards. Rocks. Boxes. Our driveway was practically Tent City.

I did not see the Effect of the wind on my little project.
The thing is, Chuck wasn't even mad. How can he be? He knows I honestly didn't see it coming and I truly don't know better. He was actually delighted with how "small" a Susie-Mess it was and the precautions I'd taken in the first place. He said it shows real growth in my effort to learn the magical secret behind Cause and Effect.

I'm trying. I really am.

ps: The pots are for school. I'm not some psycho Terra Cotta collector.


  1. haha. I'm still laughing about the pop in the freezer. That paint will wash away by next winter, have no fear.

  2. It's a hard lesson. I have a garage that looks very, very, similar...and a husband that is just as kind. When you figure this out, send me an email would you.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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