When Lucy took her first steps, I snapped about 43 pictures.
On her first Christmas, I took 116 pictures.
First visit to the nail salon as a customer: 146 photos.

Yep. I'd say we have our priorities right around here.
We really believe that beauty routines can never be started too early.
We just need to set a solid foundation from the beginning.
This is brilliant parenting by Shelley.

It was a big day. Huge. Epic. A date which will live in infamy, if you will.

She l-o-v-e-d her day.
And we l-o-v-e-d her at the salon.

We all know what step one is: Pick any color.

"I think I like this color Fe. But I'm not 100% sure. Let me think about my outfits for the next week. I'm wondering if it will match."

"Yes, it matches my elephant blanket perfectly so I will go with it because elephant blanket would not lie."

"Wait a second. I'm not sure. That pink stuff goes where???"

"Oh -- I see it now. You may color test on me, Fe. I hear that's what all the girls do and that would probably explain why Momma has five shades of pink on her right hand. I just assumed she thought it was '98 and Wet and Wild rainbow hands were back in style."

"Careful Fe. Don't get any on elephant blanket. You've been warned."

"Are we blowing? I can help blow. I love this place, btdub. Ok people, I have picked my color and tested it. Where do I go now?"

Step two: Do you want a manicure or a pedicure?
"Everyone else is sans shoes, so I'm gonna go for the pedicure mostly because I am big fan of taking my shoes of these days. That Velcro is like music to my baby ears."

"I will sit with my Momma. I'm really into her these days. I don't like her walking out of eye sight. It's my least favorite thing. PS, is that a sponge? Can I play with that?"

"Why yes I can."

"Did you pick a color, Aunt Sister? Your lap looks comfy, sister. Maybe I will come sit with you next."
"I didn't realize you were a fingers in the mouth fan too, sister. And also, your mouth is huge. Did your fingers get lost in there?"

"Oh it is a joy here. This may look like a cry, but it's a giggle. I tipped over and fell on my rumper bumper and I wanted to make sure Aunt Sister saw it because it was a hoot. I like that she takes pictures of me and I like to know where the camera is at all times so she doesn't miss a shot. Tyra says I'm very aware of the camera. And that I smize."
"I've decided against the polish. It will take too long and I am not interested in sitting when there is so much exploring to be done. You may trim my nails. Next time I will be older and we will try for polish."

We have them for sure.
For sure.

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