Oh happy day.

Today it's Spring Break.
Well, it started at 4:00.
I'm 3 hours and 23 minutes into Spring Break. I want to cry. I'm so happy.


You know what else is utopia?
When you're 6 years old and you plant a lollipop stick (see exhibit A).
And you water it and watch it and you sing to it, because you just know it will grow into a lollipop tree.
And then you come back inside from recess and you find that it has. It's regrown (exhibit B).

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Don't shake your head at me. There's a beautiful song that goes with it (who doesn't love Burl Ives?) and it reminds me of Fe. She was a great Mom. She taught us that lollipop sticks grow into lollipop trees and I kinda still think they do.

And don't shake you're head at me over Spring Break.
I earned this.
I get an A+ for career selection.

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