My deepest Spring clean.

I thought this might be a little fun for a change.
But that's also what I thought one night in '99 that ended with orange sun-in and hairless arms (classic hot wax fight - Shelley started it).

It's my purse.
That's the fun.

Doesn't it look so unsuspecting?
But today, it got a little unbearable and a little uncomfortable to carry. I make a point of never being uncomfortable, so this was very hard on me. I need a cold pack and an US weekly, stat.
Anyhoo, I decided to take a look inside.
I was shocked. You cannot unsee that.

It's not going so well in that purse and I can't blame anyone for it. Which is not fun since passing blame is one of my favoritest games. But really, I'm not actually that upset or disappointed by what my purse looks like. You might think it's shameful. I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment. Filling a purse is like building Rome in my life.

What does your purse say about you?
Do small purses make for more structured and guided people?
Are big purse made for big personalities?
And more importantly, what do the contents say about the contents of your life?

My life is a myriad of important questions, I think.
And since I'm such a giver, I decided to share my treasures with you.
You are blessed and very lucky.
The wide angle (angel? angle? I can haz spel help) view. My treasures. Take it all in. I carry this on my right arm everyday and I'm basically one armed Pop Eye.

And as for my favorite found items, well...
I thought only Moms had snacks in their purses, but evidently I did too. This was a surprise. And it was delicious. Don't judge. I got hungry typing. Growing Susie.
I'm going to be perfectly honest. I never use this planner. I carry it to look organized. I adore people with planners who use them and write in them and organize their lives in them. "Oh, let me check my calendar." That just sounds so cool. I'm so jealous. I've written in it three times this week. Which makes my 2010 total three.
Pearls. They're real. Why wouldn't they be? You never know when you need to class it up or play Bree Van de Kamp. Pair it with a nice cardigan and I'd say Susie is ready to go out.
Don't these pens scream "I work in a school"?
Also, I mourn the loss of the broken one. I really liked that guy. I have a thing about pens. It revolves around my overwhelming life dream of finding the actual pen brand/style used in Ghostwriter. I would like to write with one of those while watching Wishbone.
I named this my Bella Swan memorial headband, because she wears one through the first half of New Moon. Through the second half of New Moon she's pushing hair out of her sunshine face every 3 seconds and I'm screaming "put on a stinking headband you wishwashy Jacob-enabler". And scene.
I like to carry as much makeup with me as possible. Life long habit.
Plus, I can only photoshop on so much makeup without just needing the real thing.
Plus, I may have image issues. I thought the new DOVE ads would help. They have not.
Nope. Wait. This is what screams "I work at a school".
This is my favorite. We'll end here. Promise. You've served your time.
That would be the angel (angle? angel? did we decided? did I do it right?) for the top of our manger scene. Lucy liked the angel and decided to keep it, then dropped it in my purse for safe keepings. Bless her soul.

I would also like to give a few quick TRL shout outs to:
1. The batteries.
2. The tanning bed goggles. Don't judge. I have one mini-spring-time-8-session vice.
3. Point and shoot. Always live prepared. Kind of like with the pearls.

I give myself 5 days to keep this baby clean.
Which is 4 days longer than Chuck's giving it.

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