I think it's some of my best work.

Some things are not so easy.
Hula hooping.
And taking pictures of 14 month olds who want to explore.

I wanted pictures of Lucy outside and walking around. Lucy wanted the walking around part. She did not so much care about my picture part.

She wanted to run.
She wanted to climb.
She wanted to do everything but look in my general direction.

All 50 pictures look the same.

Some variation of this.

Or this.

Or this.
Or this.

Oooh! For variety and more demonstrations of my photo genius, I have two lovely side shots -- they go well with back shots. It's all very validating. Shot 1. Shot 2.
Photographic Fails.

Sigh, thanks to Stretch, I got one solid front shot. They were playing airplane. We've seen it a thousand times but it's still adorable.You know what's not adorable? Chuck's face in this picture. Ashen skin, squint eyes and girl lips. Really, Chuck -- you didn't need to go all Edward. Lucy loves you more than him (unlike some of us...).

I'm disappointed. It's the one OK picture I have of Lucy from Sunday and his face ruins it.

Oh, hello, photoshop. What's that? You can help fix this? Swap ugly Chuck for a better one? One where he doesn't look like the undead?

Done and done.
I think this might be my most realistic photoshopping yet. Giant head. Check. Hard lighting. Check. Awesomeness. Check. Check.

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