I love a happy ending.

I'll apologize in advance.
This isn't a Mommy Blog so two Lucy posts back-to-back warrants some kind of acknowledgement. I'm sorry. There. I said it. Fe will be so proud.

But this sweet little gem of a story needed to be told, mostly because I love Fe in it and I'm a sucker for anytime PK gets to be the hero. And because I rarely post sweet, and who couldn't use a little sugar in their life? A little dose of pure love and happiness?

Let us begin. Whilst we were at the nail salon, The Lu was pretty captivated by the balloons lining the sidewalk outside. It was for one of the those god awful tent sales, but the gorgeous pink balloons seemed to be waving only at Lucy. She was in love with them. "Ball! Ball!" Close enough. We got her excited little point.

Fe is a fabulous grandma, obviously. And fabulous grandmas keep grandkids happy. And if happiness is bought with a pink balloon, then so be it. Fe is never one to disappoint. She got Lu her pink "ball", spreading smiles all around.

Lu was a bundle of thrilled. I haven't seen someone that happy since Shelley's first perm -- 3rd grade, for those keeping score. Fe attached it to her little Lu wrist and off she went a'tottering. She and that balloon had some exploring to do. They had some memories to make.

Only too bad for Fe, because apparently she did not go to knot tying school and she definitely wasn't a boy scout. That balloon flew off Lucy's wrist in 3 steps. Lucy was devastated. Who wouldn't be? Every girl lives through two major life crises: First break-up. First balloon loss. We weren't about to make this a first.

Our brave Lu, she kept it together. She was strong. Her face told the story of sadness, but she wouldn't let herself cry. She would never let the balloon see her that way. I will remind her of this if we ever face the other life crisis.

Fe acted quickly.
Lu waited in anticipation.
No luck.

Fe grabbed a cane. Not sure how. Or where. Or why. But she ended up with a cane and God bless her for it. She tried. A for effort. F for fail.

Lu decided to help Fe. Clearly the woman was in need.
At this point, I wasn't sure who was more upset: Lucy for the lost balloon or Fe for providing the lost object of Lucy's affection. We were nearing a generation spanning meltdown.

Fe began to pace. Lucy was quick to remind her where the problem was. "Lady, it's up there. See? There? Call 911."

"Wait! Better idea. Fe, call Grandpa. I am a big fan of that guy and he can fix anything, I think."

This is the part I love. Fe actually did it. She called PK to leave his office, come to the nail salon, and get a balloon from the ceiling.

And of course he did.
Lucy was pretty psyched to see him. She ran. She hugged. She pointed in distress.

Lucy scored the assist on pulling the balloon off the ceiling.

"I love this thing."

"I love this guy."

And I love a happy ending, because it was pretty touch and go for a while.

Who wouldn't want this as the biggest drama in your life?
A lost balloon.
And who wouldn't want this to be the end result in your life?

Watching your hero walk away with your beloved balloon tied to your poodle purse. The purse is named Phoebe, obviously.

Her life is a dream.


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous final picture!

  2. Can i just say that the pic where Lucy is reaching into the air, Fe looks like she is floating in the air (feet not touching the ground):)Love it.


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