I know. It's not old. It just feels wrong.

Holy 27. We are on the downhill slope to 30, people, and picking up speed, rapidly. Holy 27. I'm not the youngest anymore. Oh, I loved being the youngest.
Holy 27. I know it's not old. If someone said "I'm 27" I'd think they were young. But me at 27. Yeah. I'm not so sure about this. Even Fe had something to say about this one.

"It's not that you're.... well, it's just that... I remember being that age and now you being that age. I don't Suz. That's old."

Thanks Fe. I love you like family.

Sigh. Enough. I'm over the shock. The trauma.

Obviously, it was birthday weekend. I lobbied for birthday month. I got birthday weekend. Maybe next year. At least I'm lucky enough to go back-to-back birthdays with Jessica.

Exhibit 1: Jessica and Susie circa summer 2009 -- so long ago. And we know. We're ridic. BTdub. She's 26 now. Golly, she's young. Not helping my situation but it does really help the "birthday weekend" argument when your friends are getting two birthdays for one. We're basically BOGO.
We made a birthday plan. Girl dinner and a movie Friday. Saturday and Sunday in Vancouver. I'm gonna level with you. Some parts of the weekend went perfect. Other parts went perfectly wrong. The entire weekend was a series of wins and fails. Sometimes because of us and our lameness. Sometimes because of us and our awesomeness. Sometimes, a little of column A, little of column B.

We'll retitle the post for the remainder:

Wins and Fails.
by Susie "27 and Dying" Allison

Question: How many pictures are too many in a post? We're about to find out.

WIN: Of course our birthday movie was Remember Me. What did you think it would be? Hurt Locker? I say 2011 Oscar candidate. But that's just me.
FAIL: I wanted to bring Edward to the theater with me for the movie, but was shot down. Fail. He needs to review his work to see areas for improvement before they begin filming Breaking Dawn. Geez people, I'm helping him develop his craft. I took this bomb Myspace self-pic of us instead. We look amazing together.
WIN: Dania made us birthday cakes. The little pregnant sweetheart made one for each of us. They were amazing. They are handmade and Dania designed. You may remember her amazing Twilight cake from last summer. Jealous.

FAIL: We forgot to eat them. We suck, apparently.

FAIL: Fail Earth. Fail. Daylight savings on my birthday night. This makes me an hour older than I need to be. Seriously? Insulting and disappointing.
FAIL: Guess what these girls can't do? Simple math. They're playing a Droid App quiz on simple math. Em-phas-sis on simple. 8x8 is apparently 81. And 20% of 300 was actually never calculated. At least they're in good spirits over it which made for a happy drive to Oh Canada.
FAIL: Poor Dania. The deep understanding of foreign currency and exchange rates were beyond her. She tried to put American bills in the Canadian U-Scan. She was shocked it didn't work. She paid with an American $20 at Starbucks, and guess what? She got Canadian change. The best part was her genuine disbelief.
FAIL: Mr. Jessica drove 10 minutes out of the way (which is a lot longer than in America -- we were in Canada which is on Metric time) to get a double big mac. It's a fail because I gave up fast food for Lent and got to watch him eat it. He gets a partial win for destroying it in about 4 bites.
WIN: I didn't even eat one French Fry. I am so dedicated its disgusting. Fingers crossed that I make it to Easter. Easter is tomorrow, right?

WIN: We remembered to take a Fab Five picture (fail for calling us that).
FAIL: We took it in front of McDonald's and a lot of showers hadn't been taken. Oh well. We still rocked it.
WIN: How cute are the red shoes I brought?
FAIL: Did you know sockless feet are not actually Winter appropriate and March is apparently still Winter in Canada? Plus, you should probably remember to bring a jacket when you plan to walk around all day in Winter. And also when there is Winter wind and rain the whole time. And did you know it's a little hard to be motivated to trudge around all day when you don't have the proper clothing? Chuck blames himself. He forgot to do an "appropriate" check on my suitcase. I'd say it's just me, but birthday Jessica forgot her coat too so that makes my fail a personal win because I wasn't the only one.

The whole walking around Stanley Park, shopping 'til we drop. It just didn't really happen. We were tired. We were cold. And Jessica was about to have a serious fail. We'll get to that in a few.
FAIL: This face.

WIN: The Paraolympics started that weekend so it was still Olympic central up there. Win. We got to see the torch, the marshmallow building, and walk the same streets as Bob Costas. And we got to play on all the photo stations. Win for Dania. She looks like she won. Win for Libby. She looks "happy" she got second, but really wants to shove Dania off the podium. Win for Jessica. She looks the classic bronze medal "I'm just so happy I made it up here" face. Win for Emy. She looks like a fourth place fail.

WIN: Jessica in this ski picture. Why? See below.

There's the enlargement. Her face: FTW.

WIN: win. eh.

Michael win.
Jessica fail.

Just a couple of 27 year olds.

FAIL: Chuck has had this shirt for 15 months and I cut the tags off on Saturday. Fe bought it for him Christmas of 2008. Apparently, Fe can lead a Chuck to style water (Nordstrom) but only Dania can make him wear it.
WIN: Getting Chuck to wear this shirt for our evening out and looking, dare I say, fashionable? I give all the credit to Dania. He can throw a fit with Me, but no one will cross PregZilla.
WIN: Libby's cute night outfit.
FAIL: The arrow is pointing to where Jessica spent birthday night. That's the bathroom. No, no, she didn't pull a Susie and get locked in. She got food poisoning from lunch. Yep, and her and Mr. Jessica decided to share that burger. And the toilet. Too far? It was just disappointing. Not so much for her, but for the amazing ensemble she was going to wear to dinner that stayed folded in her suitcase. Sigh. It was devestating and the biggest fail of the weekend. WIN: Taking a staggered picture on the staircase before dinner a la Spice Girls Wannabe. Don't judge us. You're the one singing it in your head right now.
FAIL: Taking a staggered picture on the staircase before dinner a la Spice Girls Wannabe. Judge us. We sang it in the hotel lobby.

WIN: See. What we've done here is called a "pose reversal".
FAIL: We have poses. Fail. Fail. Fail.

WIN: Playing Bella and Edward "Say it. Out loud." in the forests where they filmed New Moon. Win. On every level. Win for angry bothered Rob face by Jessica. Win for dead behind the eyes, open mouth breathing face by Emy.
FAIL: This is how I make my friends feel on my birthday. Used. Invaded. And done with me. Yeah, but guess who's not stopping this behavior? This girl. 27 is too old to learn new behaviors.

WIN: Birthday dinner with awesome sparkling candle thingy. Double win for removing it without burning myself or the table. Someone's growing up.
FAIL: Feeling old at 27. Irrational. But when have I ever pretended to anything but?

**edit. Sorry Libby. FAIL. I'm 27, I'm old, I forget things. Libby would like photo credit for taking the picture of me with the sparkler. She was pretty proud of herself and now the world (aka the 7 people who read my blog) know she took it.


  1. Fail: Susie not giving Libby photo credit that was promised. INTERNET. I took the AMAZING picture with the sparkler.

  2. WIN. Totally forgot about the Vampire picture... :)

  3. 27...gag me. You're still a baby infant. Let me know when there's a 3 in your number, then we can comisserate (sp?).
    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY...by the way.


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