Harvesting the Spring Crop.

A lot of people ask us what we do on Saturday nights.
It depends on if it's harvest time.

We celebrated the bounty of the Earth this evenin' as we worked under the moonlight to harvest the year's moss crop, much as we did in ought-9. When the harvest moon of Spring Thatch is upon us, we work tirelessly to receive all that mother nature has blessed us with. Raking and bagging the moss, we pluck it from our fields. Suburban farming is our heritage and we happily carry on the traditions.

The hard work will be worth it when we bring the ripe moss to market.

The land was good to us this year.


  1. You two are so funny. That was great!!

  2. par for the course, well played. LOVE the Issaquah Gothic.

    P.S. Chuck, so you know the word verification below reads "vordskin." yes. Go ahead, read it again. lol.


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