Executed to perfection.

Isn't it a joy when plans come together perfectly?
When things go off without a hitch, without even the slightest hesitation.
I revel in it. And in my life, these moments are few and far between.

Before I forget, Happy St. Patrick's Day.
(is this not what you wore to work today?)

Remember my little act of deception to my beloved First Graders?
Remember how much I love to play Leprechauns with them?

Turns out, some people are not such a big fan of this. Anyone else see the blog post on Dooce about Leprechauns and impressionable school age children? This sweetheart sent it to me and I was floored. Mostly because of all the anti-leprechaun comments. Come now people, have we forgotten how much fun childhood is? I was disgusted. Be honest -- who hurt you? It's no creepier than Santa and his Elves. No weirder than that over sized bunny with eggs (that just plain goes against nature).

Well, if you're not a fan of "magic", then you're going to be in for a world of disappointment when my class plants Lollipop sticks next week (they grow into Lollipop trees in early Spring, naturally).

Today, the Leprechaun came in full force (that's what they do on St. Patrick's Day). Don't worry. We were ready for them.
We littered the room with an army of Leprechaun traps. Walking through my classroom was like playing Minesweeper on medium. Virtually impossible.

The kids went above and beyond building the traps. Really, I couldn't have dreamt better creations and I highly doubt I could have created anything more elaborate. Consider the genius, the imagination behind these traps. You can't help but smile.

The Leprechaun Hotel.
So well done.
Decorated in gold and green glitter. Fake gold to lure the leprechaun in. A note explaining it all.

Classic stick with gold bait. He walks in for the gold, trap snaps shut.

The sign says "Free Gold". The inside is coated in double stick tape. The top had a trap door. Leprechaun ownage.

Brightly decorated to trick him. The straws collapse once he's inside.

Another stick and box-style trap but with the added rope feature to string him up. I loved the rope. This was a new one for me.

Oh, but that Leprechaun must have danced circles around our room. It was a mess. A disaster.

"At least the Leprechauns read something while they were here. That was at least one good choice they made." Well put First Grader.

Kid 1:"You guys don't think Mrs. Allison was the one who messed up the room and left the footprints?"
Kid 2: "No. First, she hates messes in the room. Second, have you looked at her feet? They're not tiny."

I wish I could have bottled the joy when they saw the Leprechaun had come
I'd save the excitement.
The happiness.
The pure joy for a rainy day when I need a little extra.

Of course, he left them gold for their troubles. And of course he left them a note.
And thank goodness they all commented on his terrible handwriting.
Makes a teacher feel good when that's the first thing they notice even through all the magic.


  1. Well done Susie!!!!MIL

  2. I love your blog. It makes me so happy. Can I come be in your class?

  3. Love it! I especially like how your kids were on to it...but then they were like "naw, she hates messes" hahahaha!

  4. could you get hired at Woodmoor Elementary...around 2013? I'd send a first grader to you that I think you might like.


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