Ella and Pictures. Me and My Camera.

I was pretty super-psyched when an old friend asked me to take 1st Birthday Party Pics of her sweet baby girl. Me? Really? This girl?

You trust this girl with 1st birthday photos?
To each his own, I guess. I'm not one to judge...

I went to High School with Emily's little brother and basically grew up at their house. I lost touch with my "second family" through college, but through the blessed holy time-vortex that is facebook, we reconnected. And they found The Blog. And somehow got the wild idea to have me take party pictures.

Not gonna lie, I was flattered. And flattery will get you every where with me so I high tailed it down South and got my snap on.

It was pretty bomb.com (oh yeah, I typed that) being allowed to legitimately take pictures. No one said I was obnoxious. No one did huffy breaths whenever I walked in a room (cough, Shelley, cough). I could do as I pleased because I had a purpose, which, side note, was also a first.

Ella was a beautiful party girl. What a sweet soul. She's inquisitive, curious, and an independent woman at age 1. My kind of gal.

I'm not really a dog person. I know, you're all offended. But I'm definitely in love with this relationship. Poor Hannah, she used to be number 1. I don't think she minds though, since Ella is her number 1 now, too.

Happy Birthday, Ella!
Let's do this again next year.


  1. you are amazing with your camera. Such precious pictures. MIL

  2. Thank you so much for your love, time, and effort! We will book you in advance for next year....I am sure you will be busy :) Love - Ella, Emily, Fernando

  3. Thought you would like to know that Bomb.com is still available to own. In case you want to take ownership, and you could say it ANY time you wanted...without judgement..:)

  4. What a doll. And I'm a sucker for any gal named Ella. Nice snaps my friend (can I call you that yet? Is it too soon? Am I making you uncomfortable?). Don't press charges.

  5. Totally thought of you:


  6. Um, pretty much spot on Brooke. One of my angels was scared to go to the bathroom for fear of Leprechauns. Whoops. We sorted it out. Meg -- no worries, friend. But I already have the restraining order waiting, just in case.


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