Chuck took The Prospector to work today. I can only imagine how amazing it looks. Probably as amazing as it did sitting on our fireplace for 3 weeks. I miss him in as much as I don't.

Chuck decided to decorate his workspace with The Prospector. Of course he would. Actually, in all fairness to Chuck, his cubicle-mate totally egged him on. So, we'll put the blame for this display of maturity at about 70% Chuck. I'm feeling generous.

Oh the differences between our workspaces.
Chuck works in a more traditional cubicle land. Adults. Computers. Beige.
I work in a less traditional workspace (Webster calls it a classroom) and I've often wondered what it would be like to have a "real job".

To live in a world without PE.
To go an entire day without a scheduled read aloud.
To refer to your "15 minutes" as break time rather than as recess.

Chuck happened to decorate his workspace today and I happened to photograph mine. Apparently, we are working as a team on postings now. I'm speechless.

Consider your workspace, you non-teachers out there, and consider mine. Chuck and I may leave at the same time each morning, but we leave to enter completely different worlds.
My world has manipulatives. That's a fancy word for toys. Well, toys with purpose. Mr. Potato head is not a manipulative. He is a toy. Colored cubes are manipulatives. I can haz learning with them.

See? Learning.

Making Fruit Loop necklaces is completely normal in my workspace. I'm going to assume here that this may not go over so well in your line of work. It was the 100th day of school today (I'm thinking that you probably don't celebrate every 100 days of work like I do) and we made necklaces of 100. That's a lot of loops and a lot of work. We almost needed a bigger boat.

Construction paper. Yarn. Hole punch.
Happiness. Joy. Love.

I do not have cubicle plants or ferns to water.
Right now, we are growing grass in Dixie cups. The wheat is growing in straws. The brassica is under a heat lamp. We are fascinated. And every bit of growth is cause for celebration. When was the last time you called your best friend over to see an inch of growth in a flower because you were so excited you were jumping? Find something to get that excited over tomorrow. Make a point of it and it will make your day. Trust me. I get this 17 times a day, 5 days a week and I'm lost without it.

A little friend left me this today.

In my workspace.

I may not work in the "real world", but my world is very real and very nearly dream-like. I get to live every 180 days like a 6 year old frozen in time. It's pretty perfect for me and pretty much the best gig I've ever had.


  1. well last week some crazy cubicle lady of mine just screamed out "hey, I'm chewbacca, raaawwaaarrr". No joke. You have me rethinking this awful life choice.

  2. Chuck's cubicle-mateFebruary 16, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    I love sharing our office with Prospector. And on further inspection I discovered he had chest hair.
    PS. I am so excited that I am blog famous now!!!


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