A visual.

I thought it might be nice to give you a visual of our every-night. A reference point, an FYI, if you will. I stealthily set the timer, positioned the camera on the TV, and captured a little window into our lives. Jack was confused by the "act normal" disclaimer. He didn't get it. He thought this was for his America's Next Top Kitten audition.

We are a classy couple.
I mean, so many words come to mine: hip, lively, happenin'. Of course, you're gonna wanna add "anti" as a prefix.

This is us. His and Hers laptops. Oh. Such nerds. There is no amount of help for us. No amount of cool can turn this situation. We're also pretty specific about the couch situation. As in, that's my full sofa and he can park on the love-seat. I've had that couch since 2004. Me and that couch have a history. When that was our only couch, he was welcome on it. Now that we're big kids and have two, he asks permission to cross the corner. No joke.

Oh and the Snuggie (which you may have noticed, neh, were horrified to see missing) has been demoted. I know. But my new TV watching blanket was made by one of my six year olds. Which makes it so utterly fabulous, it hurts. I'm still beyond touched by this gift. I can't sew buttons -- she made me a blanket. And, a blanket/bed for Jack with a toss pillow. Again, I can't sew a button.

So, that's us. Most nights. And certainly every blog post.
And I took that picture an hour ago.
Still going strong.


  1. You look angry. You even knew the photo was coming! LOL. Where are your pages?? You know, I spent soo long explaining how to do it and now you make me wait. The suspense is horrifying and painful.

  2. This is awesome. Your cat totally does not do "natural."

    And on another note, I'm kinda freaking out a little. I too have an all black cat. She's dumb as dirt, but lovey-dovey.


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