Oh, Valentine's Day. Welcome back.
You beloved, terrible holiday. Making single people feel exceptionally single and putting relationshipers on the spot. Bless your sweet little heart for coming back.

Chuck and I have our Valentine's routine down pat. We are a bit RTC around here (resistant to change) and we like traditions. They work for us. Plus, it cuts down on the workload. We = lazy.

Valentine's Day Number 1.
Oh, dear sweet 2002. Chuck and I had been dating about 2 months. Giggles and hugs, we were 18. I had ideas of what I wanted my first college Valentine to be like. Most of which were loosely based off 90210 and Dawson's Creek. Chuck, however, is the anti-WB. I don't know how I didn't realize this at the time, but in hindsight I should have seen this night coming. I'd known him 6 months. I knew him well. How did the two months of dating cloud my judgement/memory?

Chuck was very specific.
Reservations at 6pm. Dress nice.
Pick you up at your dorm room (which was a far step across the hall from his room).

The dorm girls were a flutter. I was dressed to the nines. Floor length red dress. My tiny bob actually pinned back -- it's a short-mans updo. I was slathered in Covergirl shimmer eyeshadow. Chuck showed up in khakis and a button up. Chocolates and roses.

Clearly, we've changed tons in the last 8 years.
Especially Chuck.

And he drove us straight to the Golden Arches.
I have never been happier.

Many months before, during a 4am gab fest with the 3rd floor gang, the inevitable "dream date" question had come up. I was very specific: formal attire. McDonalds. Chuck listened, stored that little information about his crush (oh I went there -- Seventeen magazine style) and saved it for a hopeful day when I'd realize I like liked him.

The date was perfection. Chuck brought candles and made it a dinner for two with ambiance. It was the moment I realized this wasn't going to be a serious relationship. Not serious in the "wearing his pin" sense. But rather the tone of how we've treated most every aspect of our life together. We don't do serious very well. We don't take things seriously. Apparently, we never have.

So. Tonight was our Valentine's Day 2010 (we decided to celebrate early -- we're seeing real life friends on Sunday).

Not quite as fancy as Day 1, but we'll take it.
Not quite as much makeup either.
And yes, total agree. Chuck appears to be taller and skinnier. If that's even possible.

Of course. We headed straight for McDonalds. We both settled on Big Macs.

It should be pointed out that my gigantic mouth handles a Big Mac like a White Castle burger.

And this should point out clearly enough why I rarely eat Big Macs in public. They are more of a drive-thru, on-the-couch, using the coffee table as a make-shift trough kind of order.

So there you have it. Our Valentine's Day, a few days early and just shades different from the first.

Definitely older.
Definitely better for it.
Definitely like liking even more.


  1. Hilarious. We need a tradition like this. There is just to much pressure on Valentines Day.

  2. The perfrect love story!! MIL

  3. Lies... All lies...

  4. so did you wear your new shows on your hot date?! Finally an oppurtunity!

  5. OK, when I first saw the pic of you shoving that Big Mac in your mouth, it kinda looked like your necklace was a stick and you were holding it. BigMac-An-A-Stick. I think we might just have something here....

  6. On-A-Stick is what I meant.

  7. oh man, the big mouth big mac. Someone transport us back to T-Park and all it's coffee table eating glory.

  8. Hi, I'm Lindsay and I have been blog stalking you for quite sometime... I promise I am not a creeper!!! BUT, I just read this blog post on another blog and instantly thought of you! Your Valentine's Day tradition is popular with Britney Spears it seems!

  9. I love this...the only thing better is if it would have Pacey that came to get you and you would have eaten at the Potter's B&B (no offense Chuck, you seem great too...But not many compare to Pace).

  10. wow...that was some really terrible english I just used...can you even make sense of the jibber-jab. And I swear, I am sober.

  11. Why didn't Michael and I think of going to McDonalds for V-day?? Next time, we will meet you there.


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