Table for One never looked so fabulous.

"Oh my goodness. Is this for me? It is fabulous. Almost as fabulous as the brown cords I'm rockin'. Seriously? This is wonderful. Whose idea was this? Momma?"
"I don't know what made you think of this, but Momma, you did so good. This is ridic. And apparently, I have been hanging out with Aunt Sister too much lately. I'm talking fabulous like her."
"So many possibilities. Someone bring me an Apple Juice and a banana a-sap. I need to make use of my table space."
"Uncle Charlie, could you hurry up and finish chair number two? I would like some company, I think. And I would like my company to be comfortable in a chair."
"Seriously? You're still assembling? Charlie. It's from IKEA."
"I look adorable sitting at this table. It's a fact."
"I think I would like the table more if it were in a different location. Real Estate, people. Location, location. Let me just give it a quick push..."
"This is a breeze. I am such a good mover."
"Just thought I'd come over and check on chair number two. I'm just not sure if you are 'construction site' material, Uncle. It's OK. I'll just curl up with a good book and wait for my chair to be finished."
"Oh, I love a good read and my friends at Yo Gabba Gabba. Momma, you are a good reader, but check out my mad pre-reading skillz. Fe-ma and Aunt Sister are teacher-glowing."
"Table: check. Chairs: check, check. Feet dangling: super check."
Aunt Sister side notes:
The table is from IKEA.
Shelley is a genius.
And also the best Mom ever.

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