serious problem.

I'm in the midst of a serious problem.
Its name is Arm Warmers.

Serious because I'm ridiculously obsessed. And it's becoming a problem. I love these things and I feel like no one really gets them (or me, really, sigh, 'nother day, 'nother topic).

Ok. Here's how this little nonsense got started.
I saw the arm warmers in a little documentary that I recently viewed.
Its name is Twilight.
Actually New Moon, if we're being specific.

pic from imdb -- where else?

Alice was wearing them and I momentarily forgot who Edward was. I was that in love. I feel comfortable going to that level of comparison that quickly. It seems rash. Maybe too far. But I need you to understand the level that this was instantly taken to.

And the hunt began.
Apparently I am more nester than hunter. I stunk at finding them.
Enter: My Mother-in-Law. That little gem is a fashion huntress. She is a true shopping inspiration. She surprised me with pair number one: lime green, cashmere, fabulous.

And I found pair number two on my very own: cable knit, target, my kind of price.

I have found so many more at Oh, Chuck needs to put the bank accounts on lock down and pray for spring to come ealier.

Surly Sheep at etsy.

JRoseAtelier at etsy.
Heidi the Artist at etsy.

Booby Creations at etsy.
Aykelila at etsy.

I love them something fierce.
Say what will. Laugh until you try them. Then email me an apology.


  1. Susie (you kinda know me, I'm a friend of Nan's I think we met a few times, ha!)... I TOTALLY have a pair, and got them like 3 years ago when I was living in Bellingham...I still wear them and people look at me weird, but I don't care, they're AHmazing...and they're American them, i'm sure you could find them on ebay! haha

  2. I can make you some. Probably for a lot cheaper than you could buy them too. =)

  3. First off, anything Alice wears, I wear. Cuz she's my fav! Second, a parent and her child totally knitted me a pair for Xmas. They are kind of rainbow colors, but I wear them in the car when I drive to keep warmin the morning. I didn't know they had a cool name - I thought they kind of looked "homeless" style. Who knew I was fashion forward in the car. :P

  4. um....i WANT some. SOOOO cute!

  5. Judy has been knitting me arm warmers since 2002-for my ellensburg winters. They are amazing!

  6. those ones you posted from booby (haha) creations are the Alice ones. How can Chuck NOT support that purchase?

  7. I will say it again, I am so glad you are my daughter in law. You make me laugh every time I read your blog. I may just have to find my own pair now!! MIL

  8. Hey Susie ~ so I'll confess now... I'm totally one of your blog stalkers... I always get a good laugh from you! :) Anyway, I saw this entry and you should check out the pair I crocheted a few months ago in my photos on Facebook... the album is called "Yarny Things" and it's got a few of my favorite things I've made... The arm warmers I have pictured were my first pair, so I'll get better as I do more. I love to crochet and knit! It's a problem... our house has been overtaken by yarn! Jason and I miss you guys!


  9. Ummm, I think they should be called wrist warmers. just saying. I mean they cover less than 25% of the "arm" and they even are on the hand, which is not a part of the arm, just attached. just saying. but I love them anyways.

  10. the other thought that crossed my mind...they kind of look inspired by a Trainer Tom tape job. If thats the case, then I did have many arm warmers in the gymnastic era of my life. :)

  11. I am shocked at the number of you who own these. Where have you been while I've been being laughed at for weeks? Karen? Libby? Deitra? Kellee? MIL? People. I need you.

    Caryn. Feel free to make me some. If they are nautical themed, I will send them back :)

    Emy. My birthday is March 13. Write that down.

    Lindsey. Trainer Tom reference. Epic.

    Mollie. I will wear them tomorrow. On our first date.


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