Perhaps we need to speed up the change process.

I've waited 9 months for this.
Oh No, hecks no. Seriously? Sigh. Why do the words "9 months" + 26 year old = ohmygoodnessyoumustbe? Settle down. It's not 2053. Let's not rush this people.

I've waited 9 months to finally change the light fixture in the dining room. Hooray. Start the parade. It's done. It's fantastic.

I know. It's hard to understand why I didn't want this beauty hanging in the front room. I am so picky. Unrealistic goals. Needy. I really have to work on that. I'll put it on my Oprah life-do list.

It was time to come down. I needed the diner-style, Denny's shortstack light out of my life. A-sap. And by a-sap I mean 9 months after we bought the replacement. We got 'em last Spring. We hung numbers 1 & 2 in October. Apparently, we are RTC (resistant to change) even with things we hate.

The excuse for why this took so long is because the light is positioned at the top of a 17 foot ceiling, too far from the wall for the classic extension ladder and even Stretch Armstrong couldn't work it out on the 9-foot step. We needed to rent a giant ladder. GIANT.

I told you. GIANT. Don't ever discount my ability to spread hyperbole or my ability to actually tell the truth. This is one of those truth times.

That is a 14 foot ladder for those counting -- of course, Chuck was. He wasn't convinced it stood a full 14 feet when extended, so, OF COURSE, we had to stop and measure it.

Just as he suspected. 13 1/2 feet. Then I got a quick math lesson about how the hypotenuse of the ladder triangle was 14 feet, thus the trickery of their measurements. Thank God I got that bit of information. And the nap that came half way through it. I was also "talked to" about how a plane is determined by 3 points (which is why one ladder leg usually feels loose), and yeah, that was when I just left the room.

Jack was of course a natural helper during the hanging process.

See - supervising help. A bit of a Goldbug moment for you Richard Scarry aficionados.
And "toying with fate" help. Black cat. Slightly broken mirror. Under a ladder. We is lucky. Yes we is. OK -- I'll be honest. We may have staged that. Only the mirror part. We had to. This picture was dying to happen.

Second to removing Elton John's light fixture was finally cleaning the ceiling fan with Gigantor. The Ceiling Fan is such a love-hate relationship. We hate it because it's a ceiling fan and ew. We love it because it's a ceiling fan and it works. Touche ugly fan.



Susie was here! I = mature.

We're assuming 17 years of grossness. It was intense.

Found out that the light fixture on it was not in fact frosted glass but Hoarders-style dirty. Left is clean. Right is our art-nouveau faux frosted. This is apparently how we've chosen to live for a year.

Light is up. It's simple. It's non-obtrusive. It isn't an assault on your senses like the last one.
Fan is clean and a shockingly bright gold which looks amazing next to the nickel lights.
Happy little Saturday.

A little treat: You haven't been Ship's Wheel'd in a while.

Chuck took a spin while I was photographing the fan filth.
Chew on that beauty. I live with it. And the wheel too.

Next Saturday. The living room/dining room/uniroom combo.
Help wanted.

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  1. My question did your cat get up into that little nook in the 5th picture? so cute :)


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