Parks and Lu-creation

Took a few pictures of Lucy yesterday. Just a few. Wanted to play nice and share. You don't mind, do you?

Apparently February had a crisis of self and thought it was April. We were all over that. Shell and I decided to spend Saturday in the park with Lu. We sang Chicago the whole way there. (I won't clarify that joke anymore. You either get it or you don't.)

Lu is pretty serious about her swinging. And her sliding. And her running.
I was pretty serious about my picture taking.
My stars, my niece is fabulous people.

Oh and when I said fabulous, I meant fabulous. Huge em-phas-sis.

Hands down. Favorite moment of the day. We're walking back and Lucy freezes. Across the street she spots another family with a few toddlers and stroller. She positions her body to face them, raises her arms and voice to command their attention, and waits for their reaction.

"My people."
And I have yet to recover from her fabulousness.


  1. will you ask shelley what kind of boots those are and where i can get them? they are SUPER cute.

  2. Hey, we play at that park, too! Logan and Claire love it!

  3. I just want to shout out for Nancy. We helped build that park. Glad Lucy was enjoying my child labor. ;)


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