No way I'm giving up Twilight for Lent.

Lent. Lent. Lent.
Hello Friend. It's time for Lent.
I'm not Catholic, but I've decided to embrace my roots for this season. PK was raised Catholic so that makes me a half-er, I think. That's how I see it. I'm just trying to celebrate this heritage because I can't think of anyway to play Norwegian or Scottish.

So, I'm giving Lent a go this year. My first round to see if I can handle the 40 days of sacrifice. Self-discipline + Susie. Yeah, we don't really use those terms in the same sentence normally so this should be a fun one. I doubt I'd ever feel "strong" enough to tackle this if I wasn't coming off the heals of 6 weeks without a car radio.

See, the battery died on New Year's because I am a moron and the radio believed itself stolen. I explained in my best soothing teacher voice that everything was fine, but it wouldn't budge. It wanted the anti-theft code and that was something I wasn't prepared to offer. Because I didn't have it. It took 6 weeks before the voices in my head got loud enough to motivate tracking down the code. Anyhoo. I have it. I'm back to singing loudly in my car. The world has righted itself and now I think I can do anything in the self-denial circuit.

Apparently Lent fits into this new can-do Mary Tyler Moore attitude. I think this will be good for me. Going without, a little anti-indulgence. It can only be positive. I'm pretty happy with this decision.

But what to give up for Lent? Tempting as it was to go for the traditional relinquish of underwater basket weaving... I wanted this to actually mean something, to actually be well thought out. This is my first Lent. I will not take it lightly.

I made a list of possibilities:
I could give up Twilight for Lent. Pass. That's just a set-up for failure. My husband's "other" movie comes out March 12 (already on the calendar) and New Moon is DVD ready on March 20 (can't.come.soon.e.nough.). I believe I wouldn't be a person Chuck would want to keep living with if I let go of Twilight. It would more negatively impact us than Twilight has in general.

Soda pop was a heavy candidate, but since I can't give up breathing for Lent, I might as well not let go of soda. It's my life blood.

Television seemed a natural option. A classic, I do believe. But basically, TV lost because most of our marital bonding time happens over TV. We love our shows. We love our time together. TiVo is our favorite third-wheel. You've seen the picture. You know what goes on here at night. Giving up TV for Lent would be like giving up my husband (real husband this time, not Edward true-love-omg-MASH husband). I'm a little fond of Chuck. We is peas + carrots.

Other options that failed:
*Doing makeup in my car
*Blogging (right)
*Cooking (Chuck had issue)
*Cleaning (again, Chuck, boo)
*The Ship's Wheel (I was so willing to take that baby down but Chuck said I was missing the spirit of self-sacrifice)

And the decision has been made.
Drum roll please.

I am giving up fast food for Lent.
I feel this is (sadly) big enough to actually mean something in my life, but also had a high measure of "do-ability" and worthwhileness (which is now a word). The sacrifice is high, which should give you a shocking glimps at how much fast food has a hold on my life, and it's a meaningful choice. It will make me a better, healthier, a more PK-like person. I can do this. I will miss the convenience. I will miss the goodness. Sweet, mother, what am I thinking? No. No. I'm doing this. Just because my heart beats to the rhythm of "I'm lovin' it" doesn't mean I can't give this up.

I have told Chuck. He knows what's going on and is "super-psyched" to watch this play out.
I've told my co-workers. They laughed at me. They know my lunch routine.
And now I've told you which means I'm publicly out there.

So. If you have stock in McDonalds or Taco Time, sell. Sell now. It's about to take a dive. You've been warned. 40 days. Here I come.


  1. Still stalking DaniaFebruary 16, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    This will never last... Never!

  2. Good for you Sus. Jessica did it, you can do it too. and I HEART the M.A.S.H. comment. Edward and I are for sure living in a mansion with 2 kids and a dog and I will have a blue bridesmaid dresses.

  3. Do it Susie! I gave up coffee AND alcohol (coffee is the hard one I have 5 cups a day, seriously)

  4. Susie, my husband made a bet with me that next time I'm pregnant I can't go a WHOLE pregnancy with out going thru a drive thru or grabbing fast food. Well if I win the bet, I get something sparkly. So let me know how 40 days goes before I commit to 9 months!

  5. Good luck Susie. Does this mean Chuck too? Will you need a care package? Oops gotta go,pizza is here!! MIL

  6. You can do it!!! I made Matt give up fast food as a New Years resolution...he fought it too. But we're aiming for a healthier lifestyle...woot.


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