I have greatly overexerted myself.

I am exhausted. Spent. Beat. And it's actually from doing stuff today -- not the usual exhaustion-atrophy combo I'm more accustomed to on Sundays. I typically take it pretty slow on days ending in -y so this was big. Banner day.

We just did a lot today. A bit of an eclectic grouping, but since when has sense, logic, or reason ever crept into our planning routine? We will not be confined by organized groupings. We are trailblazers, I think.

The weather started it. Seattle has been uh-mazing lately.

That's the sky today. No photoshopping. That's just how it looked. I don't have crayons that blue. I would like a crayon that blue. I would treat it so nice. I wouldn't even bite the paper back.

Anyhoo, Sunshine means sunlight means suncat.
Suncat means warm cat.
I took Logic 210 in college. Don't be jealous. I understand if you had a hard time following my shockingly educated logic. I'm just that sophisticated and learn-ed.

Warm cat was also a stink cat and stink cats need baths. So, Sunday started with a bath and Jack shunning us for 2 hours. Happy family.

Try not to be too shocked by my Sunday morning beauty. Stunning, aren't I? No words, right? I know. Take it all in people. A treat for so many senses.

Jack doing his best Mufasa impression. And let the shunning begin. "Oh human. Just you wait until bedtime."

A dozen errands later, I actually made us a full lunch on a Sunday (I is June Cleaver, apperantly), and we hit the outside. Chuck took the traditional man jobs and cared for his baby.

Oh front lawn. My rival. My husband doth love thee so. Persmaps more than he loveth his wife. How he tenderly attends to your every need. I will not go down without a fight-eth.

I went to work "gardening". My gardening style is like driving on the freeway blind folded. Good luck, everybody. Good luck.

I really just go for it. No rhyme. No reason. I take a more organic approach. Organic in the sense that I don't fertilize my mind with information and I believe the plants that want to live or don't want pruning will stay out of my way. Everyone else is fair game.

The peonies were first in my line of fire. I hacked away all the dead sticks. I felt they needed to go.

I found the little buds at the bottom. Hooray! Last year, I called them red cabbage, because I didn't know what they were or what they were destined to be. Now I do. But I will still call them red cabbage until they look like peonies again.

Then, this bush really got in my way.
Huge. I didn't like that. Not one bit. How pretentious to take up that much room and not even be cute.

I made it cute by making it smaller. Chuck's a little concerned about this one. But he loves me and it didn't involve his precious lawn, so we're good. But seriously, he should thank me. I found a treasure in that bush.

A brick. It's mine. I called it.

So much growth to celebrate (mostly because it means spring which means no more ice scrapers). I'm actually pretty psyched to watch the little yard bloom.
I miss my little bearded lilies.

I call them bearded ladies. My little circus side-show.

Lilac. Holy smell good. I will fill the house with their goodness until Jack eats them. It should last 3 minutes, if I'm lucky. Grow little smelly buds.

Then we went into full spring cleaning mode.
I bleached the kitchen.
Toothbrush to the baseboards.
Cleaned the oven.
I know, right? Went. For. It.

Chuck washed, waxed, vacuumed, and Armor All'd the cars. Apparently, our cars are red and white. We had no idea.

After a walk (I was outside. in nature. take it in), we tested paint colors because I'm doing this a-sap. Pretty done with flat paint.

Our living room is a huge uniroom with the dining room. It's white. On white. With some more white. I need it to change in a faster timeline than the light fixtures.

I zoomed in on the three color choices because I wanted to. My blog. I can.
1. Bella Mist. Also being referred to as Bela Corolli, Bella Band, and BellaEdward.
2. Inch Worm. Also being referred to as Glow Worm.
3. SeaWall. Also being referred to as Wonder Wall.
(We have a serious problem with calling things by their actual names. Serious problem.)

Your thoughts? The current idea (actually Shelley's idea because we have NO design instincts) is to do BellaEdward on the giant wall behind the couch and Wonder Wall on the two perpendicular, smaller walls. Unless you can come up with something better, I'll let you know how this one plays out.

So. Yeah. I wasn't kidding when I said we went for it today. We also went on a date (gasp) to a real restaurant (gasp) and even got 31 Flavors on the way home. I know, right? You feel like you don't even know us.

You'll be fine. I'll be back to doing nothing tomorrow. Pinky swear.


  1. I must say I am a fan of Inch Worm. You are very brave and bold to go with that zingy of a color in your main room on a giant wall! I would love to do a Kermit The Frog GREEN bathroom. But I am just not that daring. And besides. How do you pair THAT with Fire Trucks? I am not a decorator type. Our house is Khaki...everywhere, like the pottery barn look. Ok I must go childrens are throwing things down the stairs!

  2. I really like that you're an adult and are taking care of your home and yard. Who knew we liked to do yard work - apparently our parents were right: we would appreciate it more when it was our own. Conor and I will stick to our apartment and lack of any sort of yard or painting to tend to. Love you Susie Homemaker!!!

  3. I vote for #1. Please God, NOT #3, it's too yellow.

    Walls that have too much of a yellow base make you jumpy versus relax. #1 is warmer and is all about the chillaxing. That's why they stopped painting kindergarten rooms yellow/orange. Or should.


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