I didn't realize two weeks could do so much damage.

Dear Olympics,

No offense. Kind of done.

I guess, I'm sorry, Olympics, I'm projecting. I'm blaming you for things outside your control when Dear Abby clearly taught me otherwise. I know better. Sorry Olympics. I didn't mean it.


I'm just really done.
Pretty much with NBC. There are so many things to hate about NBC right now and the Olympics is just a jumping off point. Let's be honest, the wounds of the Conan-Leno abomination are still too fresh. That darn Peacock struts around ruining red-headed lives and then going on with the Olympics like nothing happened. I'm not giving them an inch. (Because if I ran my classroom like NBC, I wouldn't have one.)

Time delay, right I get it. But seriously? I can't do it anymore. I'm so stinking sleep deprived from staying up hours past tuck-in time. I look like a freaking Cullen two weeks after a "hike" in the Olympics. Pale skin. Bags. Edgy, jumpy. If this is what having a newborn is like, then we need to have a massive family meeting tonight and consider pushing the date back to 2073. We may have hastily rushed into the 2053 goal. Sleep looks really good on me. Really good.

And it wouldn't be so bad. I mean, we have TiVo (SIDE NOTE: Lord, has Chuck clogged the inbox. Good night. Like I need to see curling from 7 different angles on 28 NBC affiliates.) I could watch it in the morning. Except not. The freaking time delay has me terrified to go online. I'm in cold sweats when I hit the little blue "e" and I'm nauseous when I see yahoo headlines. I should not feel agitated over the Internet. I love the Internet. L-O-V-E it. Thanks for ruining one of my most constant relationships, NBC.

We treat the nighttime like this elusive live event when it's the past. The Past. Am I on crazy pills? Am I in a rabbit hole? No. I'm just under the thumb of NBC's pocket watch. Thanks for playing the finals at midnight and reporting on them, as though we all stayed up to see them, live on Today. It's great for my REM cycle.

Blah. And BeeTeeDub, if I see one more Olympics montage set to The Fray, I'm hanging it up. I'd like to watch the Olympics, not review clips or a sob story from Oklahoma. On 5 separate occasions I have mistaken the Olympics for Grey's Anatomy. That. Shouldn't. Happen.

I'm such a whiner.
I need to get set for "live" figure skating -- I should've taken a post-school nap.

Just super psyched for London 2012.
Whiny McFuss Pants


  1. Right on Susie. Right on. I couldn't have said it better. No really I couldn't have because you have a way with words. Do you tutor non-speaking bi-lingual 8 month olds? Do you do math too?

  2. oh my god. you've read my mind with being afraid to go on the internet. When i log out of my email i cover the screen with my hand so i can click the X. So RUDE NBC. Rude. I do love seeing Tom Brokaw though...

  3. I'm done too. The Olympics suck. All you need to know about the Olympics is that it includes "sports" like equestrian dressage, curling, synchronized swimming, speedwalking, judo, badminton and whatever that skiing & shooting thing is called....and baseball got kicked out.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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