How love begins.

There are no words. I bought them on Monday and can't believe I haven't found an excuse to wear them yet.
True, they may be a little much for classroom wear. And yes, it's only been four days. But these were made for big things. Big Things.

I've loved them my whole life.

I have a feeling someone else may end up loving them for her whole life too.
Lucy found my shoe collection recently.
She was in heaven.
"What's this, Aunt Sister? I didn't think you owned Tennis Shoes. These have actually been worn. What's with this? I feel like I don't even know you."

"Please tell me these are for a Halloween costume. Still. They are fabulous. May I?"

"I still like the red ones. But what do you have in a royal blue flat?"
"These are nice too. Is that a pair in gray as well? Why did you buy the same shoe twice? Oh, the gray ones were .97 cents. Your hands were tied. I get it now."
"I keep going back to these. Is it too much with the outfit? I feel like ruby red slippers go nicely with the sequin heart shirt. Very Valentine's. Your thoughts?"

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