He can fly airplanes.

There was a milk situation this morning. A crisis, if you will.

See, Chuck is a convicted milk rationer. You'd think we can't afford milk the way he tip-toes around it. In order to sleep at night, Chuck has to be certain that there is the exact amount of milk for all necessary bowls of cereal in the upcoming day.

Cereal is an integral part of Chuck's life.
Really, it's the root of his existence. The fiber of his being.
He's a minimum 2 bowls a day-er.

Hence, once he gets to a certain point in the milk jug, his rationing takes a serious tone. Obviously, buying an additional carton at this point would be out of the question. It takes the fun out of the game. This is high-stakes cereal eating, people.

I destroyed Chuck's delicate balance last night when I made brinner (breakfast for dinner to you lay people) and needed a cup of milk for pancakes. I don't know what I was thinking.

I disrupted the milk balance of Chuck's life.
An unacceptable amount of milk remained (remember, this is a science to Chuck: exact amount of milk to an exact amount of cereal. Thou shalt not ask questions.).
Breakfast this morning was foiled.

Chuck had already poured his bowl of Honey Combs.
Disaster struck.
He had a couple of options:
1. Saran wrap the bowl.
2. 86 the cereal.
3. Pour the dry goodness back into the box.


He feels this was pure genius. Two cereal bowls stacked together in an "air tight" container. Do it yourself tupperware. The man scored a perfect 800 on the English portion of his SATs, graduated in the top 1% of our college, and can fly a $40million jet.

And this is what he comes up with.


  1. i think i have missed whats so special about his container!

  2. Adrian :) he put two bowls together as a make-shift tupperware.


  3. Chuck and The Candyman need to eat. The Candyman doesn't do two bowls a day, he does one giant mixing bowl at the end of the day.
    I don't think he gives one squat about the milk ratio though. As long as there a milky dampness, he's game.

  4. LOL! I mean to write Chuck and The Camdyman need to MEET! Freudian slip perhaps?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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