good to know.

Valentine's Day really isn't that big a deal in my book.
Let's be honest. I live alone with my Valentine so going out "just the two of us" sounds like our every night. We couldn't care less. Hence, wherein, therefore, it was decided to spend Valentine's Day with The Gang. Evidently, our friends are callous and loved-out too.

We settled on Avatar, but stepping it up a bit for the holiday. IMAX 3D - which makes us high rollers apparently, because that thing is not cheap. Movies aren't cheap. I hyperventilate over cereal costing more than $2.50. Fifteen dollar movie tickets and I was using my car battery as a make shift defibrillator.

But we were psyched.
It's supposed to be "quite the movie".
And I am always down to jump on a good bandwagon.

Chuck was down to wear glasses like his idol.

Charles Nelson Reilly. Do your homework if you don't know him. I wikipedia-linked his name because I love you and I care about your "culturing". Deeply.

Anyhoo. I was a little apprehensive about the 3D action. I don't do so well with the motion sickness. I can get sea sick in a bath tub and I have in fact lost my lunch on a ferry. A ferry. Who does that? This girl.

But there was lots of reassuring.
Lots of "it takes 5 minutes to adjust to".
A few "no worries -- I was fine, you'll be fine."

Yeah. I'm gonna need to put an end to peer pressure a-sap.
I made it 50 whole minutes of 3D action. About 30 minutes tops of Avatar.

I was green. My head was spinning. My eyes couldn't focus. My stomach churned. I couldn't figure out where to look. It felt like the whole screen was shaking. I tried to reason with myself. I tried tactics to fix it. I took Tylenol at minute one. I took the glasses off to recenter myself and have a little heart to heart with my mind. It didn't work.

I left.
I left my $15 movie, my $6 soda, my $5 popcorn.
My inner-miser sobbed as my hard as my stomach whirled.

I stumbled out of the movie theater. My eyes felt like they were 5 feet behind me dragging my stomach, which was kicking and screaming. Walking with dilated eyes is easier. But I was not about to throw up at the cinema.

I wanted to go home.
I wanted to be sick on home turf.

a) I couldn't drive like this. I could barely walk.
b) Chuck drove. He drives a stick. He says it's because he loves it. I say it's because it keeps me away.

I couldn't go home.
But I could still get sick on home turf, sort of.

I ran/hobbled as fast as I could. I threw the glass doors open, sucked in the sweet, leather-filled scent, and let the always unseasonably cold air sting my pail skin. I was home(ish): Nordstrom. Because seriously, there are only so many public restrooms that you can sit on the floor of without running to the CDC. Desperate times do not necessarily call for desperate measure, at least not when there is a Nordstrom near.

I stumbled through The Mall for 2 1/2 hours and never quite got my footing. 12 hours of sleep and my head is still pounding. So. 3D movies. Probably not on my list of go-to ventures.

Life lesson on 3D movies and their effect on Susie.

Good to know.


  1. LOL. Oh Susie. Sorry to laugh. But you're so hilarious. Brad had a hard time with the 3d too. Perhaps not quite as hard. Okay not even close.

  2. Matt and I went and saw Avatar 3D too...without the Imax. I did desperately try to find a theater that was showing Avatar with out the 3D option. No such luck. I did make it through the movie, but stumbled out of the theater at the end...feeling as though my head weighed 80lbs...or something outrageous.

  3. I felt that way after I saw The Blair Witch Project.

  4. My sympathy goes out to you Susie. A little bit for the 3-D sickness but mostly for the shocking resemblance Chuck has for his idol Charles. Your best blog yet!!!

  5. You giant weenie...Nordstrom's will make anyone feel better, smart girl.


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