The Evolution of Wasted Time and Dreams.

You like it don't you?
You're drawn to it, moth to a flame, but you don't know why. Having trouble pinpointing the artistry and beauty? How it's both feminine and violent at the same time. What is it? How is it? Why is this even being posted about? Why do we allow Susie to blog again?

Oh, I'll tell you what it is. But take a walk with me first.
A walk down Idea Evolution Lane. An explanation as to how things can go so horribly wrong around here.

Chuck's soul mate was in town from California and when Paul's around, Chuck tends to be even harder to manage than usual. They're so cute together. Until they combine poor behavior with utter mischief and I end up with an 8 foot scratching post or a Ship's Wheel on my banister. Because, see, I might say "No", but if Paul says "Yes", well I'm overruled. Our marriage isn't so much 50-50, as it's split into even thirds. Whatever. I'm over it.

Naturally, Paul was thrilled and highly supportive of Chuck's idea to add Navigation Lights to the Ship's Wheel area. Sigh. My life. To create said lights, they Crayola markered water activated life jacket lights. (Yes. We have those in our house. No, I will not tell you why.)

They set the lights up. And I was summoned.
"Suz!!!!!! Come take a picture!"
Sigh. My life. Again.

To take the picture (at night, no flash, and with the room's lights off to maximize navigation visibility), I needed to use a 5 second shutter speed. Yeah. I can barely hold it steady for 1/60th of a second. 5 seconds? Sorry boys, not gonna happen. Except I forgot those two are not actually into No. They found my tripod and kindly set it for me. I live here.
Soak it in.

Basic photo principle: slow shutter speed means moving objects blur. Basic Allison principle: Chuck is a child.

Both principles were tested immediately by sprinting back and forth in the living room holding a cell phone.

Actually, that's kind of cool.

So, I yelled for Jamie and Shiann (Paul's beloved) to come to the living room for an impromptu rave. And then I had the most amazing, brilliant idea: iPhone Light Pictures. Also called Cell Phone Lite-Brite. Or Mobile Fireworks. Take your pick because I am a genius, I think. The plan was simple: Could Jamie, Paul, Shiann, and Chuck make colored drawings using the lights from their cell phones, a 10 second shutter speed, and synchronized perfection?

The answer is "yes".
Smiley face.
Bring it. We clearly have a talent for this.

(I accidentally bumped my flash and took a picture of the set up.)
But it had to be included so you could see the level we went to. The set up is so impressive. And equally pathetic.

The Smiley Face sealed it. We would spend the next 2 1/2 hours making pictures. We are simple people. With simple dreams and simple ideas. We are also sadly uncool.
Enjoy our art. We are very serious about it.
Celebrate the genius.
Appreciate the immense teamwork in creating pictures as a group.
We is amazing.
Olympic rings. I had to be ring 5 on this one. It was uncomfortable actually participating -- I'm more of an instigator, an egg-them-on, than a participant. I'm a director. Not an actor, people.

Kitten shout out. Obviously.
PK shout out. He's a big fan of nuun: the portable electrolyte hydration tablets. They're bomb. Just like PK.
Stick man. A more classic capture.
Jackson Pollock. Because we celebrate all the arts now.

Airplane. All three boys are pilots. Makes you feel good about air travel, huh? It'll be fine: Shiann's a flight attendant -- she keeps them, and tray tables, in check.
Sailboat. In honor of the Ship's Wheel, naturally.

Candle. We just liked the idea of creating this "piece" and presenting it with the candelabra. Classy.
Tree . Please gaze again on its beauty. Check out the color switch. Paul was upgraded to varsity level iPhone Light Pictures for a mid-photo color change. Expert level. Shiann is a lucky woman.
Daisy. I couldn't let Paul be the only varsity player. I lettered with the two tone flower. When you watch and direct for that long, you develop a rich understanding of the craft.

So yeah. You can be impressed. You can be sad for us. We're fine with it all. 2 1/2 hours. No joke. No hyperbole. This is how we roll-around here. Standard fare and fairly sad.


  1. Adrian *ill be blonde when i get back*February 26, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    aww susie.. why does this post make me miss you LOL..

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of this waste of time!

  3. Oh crap. I posted that as Conor. Although, he liked the pics too!


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