The winnings.

I hate to do this, but we need to start with a quick review sesh: Chuck and I went to an estate auction on Saturday and found out that they are awesome. See Monday's post here. In the end, Chuck was left unsupervised and placed an unauthorized bid in the silent auction round with the hopes of winning this:
Good news. He won.
Along with it, came all this:
I understood that he really wanted the Prospector. You may not see this initially or understand it, but trust me. I've dealt with Chuck for 8 years. I spotted the love affair from a mile away. Which is precicely why I strategically blocked him from seeing it for 3 hours.

Tonight, we decided to inspect our "winnings" (term, loosely, you get it). Because only we could be in a room full of antiques and gorgeous paintings, and leave with Prospector and Friends.

Here are the four boxes o'goodness. They looked gorgeous in the family room. They smelled gorgeous too. A treat for all the senses.
I've noted the boxes in the picture. I've also noted my Snuggie. Just as an FYI.

And now spread out for viewing. Arranged with care. It's kind of like a display case at a museum, except not.

On an aside, Jack = not a big fan of the toys. We couldn't settle on a caption, so I'll just list the possibilities, you pick the one that you feel best describes him:
1. ET Jack. Jack phone home.
2. Saber tooth Jack.
3. Bella Jack (aka Kristen Stewart Jack). Say it. Out loud. "Meow".

The treasures held in these four mystery boxes were astounding. ASTOUNDING. I'd like to zoom in with you on a treasure hunt through the boxes, if you'd be so kind.

Trolls with homemade outfits. Stunning.

Gorgeous. Just amazing. The box of "magic nursery", incidentally, was purchased in 1991.

Personal favorite. Dried and hollowed out pumpkin complete with ornate carving. What will they think of next?

Tags still attached. Olympic bear for the MOSCOW GAMES. 1980. It's older than us. And it will sit in our family room for the Vancouver games. He's made a 30 year trip. It's the least I could do.

OctoMom? OctoBear. I prefer my bears in costumes. Just a personal preference.

So many thoughts. So much to say. So many levels.

Rubber pants. They appear to be un-used, but appearances can be deceiving, now can't they?

I wanted to model these gems for you: sequin tank, sink bouquet. And I'm ready for school tomorrow.

Finally, the Prospector and his friends. Take a good look (I recommend clicking to enlarge on this one for full effect). Especially you, sister Shelley. Because one of them will be sent your way. But only one. Chuck has insisted on keeping the set together. He's a fine arts collector apparently. Now we're all about the "integrity" of the pieces.

A few final points.
The "good stuffed animals and dolls" will be donated away. Chuck's now considering himself a philanthropist for this act. Saint Charles of Klahanie. However, we will be keeping the Prospector et al along with a few choice pieces which will be given as priceless gifts to those in our circle of trust -- as if being friends with us isn't a gift in-and-of itself.

Bottom line: The end total was 161 items for $7.50. A nickel an item. We grossly overpaid.

He's never been happier.


  1. haha. Ok, a) thanks for modeling the tank top, it's very becoming on you. b) thanks for pointing out your snuggie, I totally saw that. c) please send Dania the used/unused rubber pants. d) Bella Jack.

  2. I want to know why you didn't also model the underpants?! I had both of those trolls growing up, sans hand-made clothing. And I'm so glad you had Chuck pose with the doll - I had no idea it was so big! What a gem! I bet Bella Jack loves it.

  3. Oh Chuck you may have gone to far this time. If Susie kicks you out you can't bring that prospector with you!! Love, Momma

    p.s. Jack---priceless.

  4. Best picture of Jack ever! I LOVE it!!! He couldn't have made a more perfect face if you had asked him!

  5. Wow. I don't really know what to say, where to begin....

    You do realize you could be the ultimate white elephant gift givers FOREVER.

    PS - Please tell me you are soaking your hands in bleach.

  6. You'll be set for oh another 15 years worth of white elephant gifts. FEW! I am praying for your future children right about NOW.

  7. here's a funny story. I read your blog awhile ago and said to my dear sister-in-law...'your friend susie is hilarious'. Then, unbeknowst to me, you give me a shout out that I find out about because Loosey emails me and tells me I'm famous. Flattered to say the least...
    We are all big fat blog stalkers and just want you to know I love stalking yours.
    And my stomach is sick at the thought of the value village aroma that most be oozing out your front door, and disturbing your neighbors. I would TP your house, just so you know.
    PS Cute haircut I must say.

  8. Oh my, your comments? Where to begin.

    Yes, our house smelled like a Goodwill. I have since scrubbed the bad thoughts away,

    Yes, we bleached our hands. And our bodies. And our nostrils.

    And thank God, we've given most everything away. Hallelujah.


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