Sundays with Lucy.

Sundays are best when she stops by. When she's around, I'm drowning in love.

I love that I caught her red handed in my candy jar.

I love that she stands up by starting in the pike position. I can't touch my toes.

I love that she thinks car keys and cell phones are one in the same. She's called me several times on Shelley's keys. I'm constantly getting hung up on.

I love that she has no idea how to keep her shirt pulled down.
And I double love that her finger is in her mouth 94% of the time.

I love -- no no, sorry, I'm starting over: Chuck loves that she's only interested in the Prospector.

I love the looks I get when I do my crazy faces in the name of photography.

I love that she wears True Religion jeans (and that they're from Nordstrom Rack - thrift and style. I love her more.).

I love that she's crazy about her Uncle Charlie.

I love the she goes and goes and goes before crashing for hours. We do not "wind down". We just stop.

I love that she walks in the "Holla" position. I'm considering amending my walk.

I love the laugh. Oh. The laugh.
I have "sucker" written all over me.


  1. Thank you for pointing out the True Religion was a few too many posts down...and I was a little beside myself thinking of this teeny, tiny, girl not getting props for her mad I sound thug yet?

  2. Why don't you both just go make out.


    Hey jealously

  3. See, I was getting all pissed that the toddler has True Religion jeans AND I DON'T.
    How is that possible?

  4. PS - Lucy is in a league of her own. She's gorgeous.

  5. Girls: The True Religions are ridic. I'm slumming it in BP jeans and she's living the good life. I can only pray that we can trade jeans in 16 years. But I will probably need to be rolled into rooms at that point.

    Brooke: Don't be a playa hater.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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