Sneak peek.

Angel Face is 1 on Thursday. Pretty excited, pretty much want to vomit that it's been a year. Let's say nauseous, but not yet vomiting.

Lucy's birthday party is just around the corner, and I've got way-too-much on my plate. It's actually more of a platter at this point. An all-white Crate and Barrel Chelsea platter, of course. Shelley and Fe are busy abusing me as both event planner and in-house catering. I whine. I moan. I fain overwhelmed. Really, I'm thriving. I live for this.

This morning, I'm living for this, specifically.

Martha Stewart pom-poms made from tissue paper. I've pined over these for months and finally have someone (Lucy) to use as an excuse.

They're so fanciful. Happy. Can tissue paper be personified as happy? It is now. I'm rewriting rule books. Rebel. Cause. It all comes to mind.

BTDub. They couldn't be simpler to make.

You need this:

And of course lots of this:

And directions from Her Majesty.

You will also need 3 hours. Well, that's what I needed and I'm only done with the 10 giant ones. I was also watching a wee bit of TV, so I may have been a teeny bit distracted. Whatevs. I was enjoying my Sunday morning coffee and left over cheesecake (that I blame on Emy), and you will care not to judge.

They will be fabulous at the party.

I'm in love with them. In love enough to continue, make a smaller 5 inch size and use them as tissue flower centerpieces.

This party will be ridic. Tip of iceberg, people. Tip-of-iceberg.


  1. Hey Suz, do you have a link where the instructions are on how to make these.....soooo cute!!

  2. Her Majesty, indeed.

    And it was $20, not $10! :)

  3. Here's the link Melissa:


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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