Jamie calls my blog "propaganda".

That's fine Jamie. I accept. I do 'push my agenda' pretty hardcore on this thing. Not quite sure what that agenda is, but another day, another time.

Some of my friends have begun spreading their own propaganda, and it's nice to have company in the blogging world. This is all a plug. Shameless, shameless plugging to help get their blogs off the ground.
Maggie writes about random thoughts and tangents. She's a tad sarcastic and a quick think, which makes her rants colorful to say the least. She's at

Libby and her friends (Mollie, Emily, and Jayme -- mostly Mollie) just got their blog up and running to record stories they share on their weekly date. Mollie is a convicted blog stalker, who I've never met. The tables are turning Mollie....My interest is peaked because I've never friended a blog written by multiple authors all with equal access. I cannot imagine. I need the control. I need the spotlight. Have you noticed? You can find these girls at HHDH.
And Lindsey. I facebooked: "start your own blog". She wrote back an hour later: "did it". Holla. Lindsey is a riot, she's been that way since high school. She has a fabulous baby and is calling her blog Mediocre Mothering. I'm already hooked.

Well, that was shameless, but what do I care? Perhaps someone here will be an addition to your stalking routine. Perhaps. And I will simply continue spreading my own propaganda, much to Jamie's chagrin.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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