There's this blog. It's called Postsecret. It's an "online community where people mail in their secrets anonymously" -- oooh, quoting a source. Do I need to do a bibliography now at the end of this post? MLA or APA? Your pick. I'm feeling generous.

Some of the secrets are pretty funny. On the flip side, the site can be a tad heavy. Borderline dark and a little disturbing. We are not these things. However, we are full of secrets. FULL of them.

We's gots to thinking about our own secrets and how we can't be anonymous on our own blog. Oh, but that won't get us down. We're determined to share our secrets, like it or not.

11 "secrets" -- I use the term as loosely as possible.
Your job is to guess whose secret is whose.
You have a 50-50 chance. Chuck or Susie.
At least take a shot.
And remember that this is what we do at the dinner table.
And that we are totally fine with ourselves.

Answers tomorrow along with the explanations that you deserve.
Susie AND Chuck
(Chuck so rarely participates in the writing and publishing process, I had to give him a shout out. Carson Daly would be proud.)


  1. I can't believe I am posting my answers, but I need a break from masters stuff.
    Bunkbed - Chuck
    Jack's morality - Susie
    Baby blanket - Chuck
    Baby Seb - Susie
    Archeology - Chuck
    Crush tape - Susie
    Super Size - Susie
    Mice - Chuck
    I Scream - Susie

    I hope I was suppose to decide you or Chuck - I am so tired I don't even know. Let's just say instead of writing Chuck, three times I accidentially wrote "CHUNK" - like from the Goonies - Mike and I laughed for a long time.

  2. I think I have a pretty good guess at each but I'm not going to take the time like Karen did to list them, too tired. I agree with all of Karen's though minus 3. I'm thinking the baby blanket might be Susie and the mice in the car might be Susie and the Super Size might be Chuck. Hmm... the suspense is killing me. Kevin loves that post secret blog- it disturbs me, I can't handle the sad/bad ones!

  3. I love post secret. I won't post my answers, because it would be like cheating. i.e. I think I might have been there when Susie bought the Jennifer Page cassette while drive the mean green __ machine.

  4. Here goes but I must confess I wasn't sure on a couple.
    1. Chuck
    2. Susie
    3. Susie
    4. Chuck (no doubt)
    5. Susie
    6. Chuck
    7. Chuck
    8. Susie
    9. Susie
    Very Fun!! Love, MIL

  5. Lets see how well i know my soon-to-be friend :) (oh, and chuck).
    1. Chuck
    2. Susie
    3. Susie
    4. Chuck
    5. Chuck
    6. Susie
    7. Susie
    8. Chuck
    9. Susie

    Mollie :)

  6. Being forced to listen to "crush" for an entire summer made me the bitter, bitter person i am today.

    love, chuck's sister

  7. I remember the dead mice. SICK


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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