revealing secrets.

So. What did you think? Learning our secrets. Everything you hoped it could be? More? I knew it would be. KNEW IT.

Kudos on your responses, btdub. Pretty impressed, but also a little disturbed. You either a) know us too well or b) not well enough, which is a shame because we are fabulous.

Here are the answers along with some semblance of explanation. Some. Semblance.

Chuck: When Chuck was an airline pilot (oh goodness it hurts to type -- I'm shuttering. Shuttering), he had to rent a communal bunk bed, in the basement of a house, so he had a place to sleep after he spent 8 hours sitting in the Portland airport. It was $150/month. It had a stove with A working burner. Being a pilot is quite a lifestyle. Quite a life. Shame he was furloughed. Shame...

Me: Bottom line - I'm more at peace with my mortality than Jack's.

Me again: His name is Blanket. We have been together along time. I don't see breaking up anywhere in our future.
Chuck: Billabong. Quick Silver. Abercrombie. Amazing craftsmanship.
Chuck: (and a little bit Susie) This began before the blog was even a twinkle in our eyes and Chuck started it. I have simply adopted the practice. We like to hope that we will be those parents in 2053. "Oh no no. Our Sebastian will not eat processed white bread." "Sebastian simply can't be outside if it's below 45."
Chuck: Chuck made this announcement Monday at dinner. It is the secret that inspired this post. Blame him. Blame Indiana Charlie.
Chuck: yup.
Me: The movie does an amazing job of advertising. It's commercialized brilliance on Mickie D's part. I simply fell victim.
Chuck: He is obsessed. And we aren't usually MTV people. No The Hills. No Real World. We're too old and it's depressing to know we could have babysat the characters. When I get to a point where I could have birthed them, I will be on a bridge.
Me: I'll own it. My youth. I may have had an issue with car cleanliness that resulted in a few mice feeling cozy in my trunk. Just a few. And I maintain that Shelley was as much a contributor to the problem as I was, but IRregardless it was a moment of great growth. Great growth. And while my car may still be a holy mess (I'll own it) -- it does not contain filth. No food. I learned.

Me: I sometimes have an issue with taking things literally or not seeing all the pieces. Kind of like lego-my-eggo and U-haul standing for "you haul it". Major life mysteries for me, like windsocks and Stonehenge.

And that concludes secret time with Chuck and Susie.
Best wishes.


  1. What? I sleep with my baby blanket too. Every night. I affectionately refer to it as my Tickle Blanket. Of course, you probably already knew this. I'm checking my phones for taps.

  2. hahaa, fail on my part. BUT in my defense I was there for Jessica Simpson's "I Think I'm In Love" phase and a whole lot of N*Sync. And I'm glad you can admit your car is still a mess or as a true friend I was going to have spill the beans (I'll vouch though, no more dead mice).

  3. For the record, and even though I didn't post my answers, I got 100% right. Be Fri + St End.

  4. Okay- I think I did pretty decent for only knowing you 2 years and not really knowing Chuck at all. It was a fun game:)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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