pen pals.

I'm always so full of want-to, but I get a little distracted a lot of the time. My Tamagotchis died in infancy. I still have touch up painted to do from, oh, January 09. Pen pals were always something I dreamed of in grade school, but I was a realist even in kindergarten. I knew that fad would be short lived and some poor child in Venezuela would be waiting by the mailbox for nothing.

I was jealous over my friends with pen pals.
I wanted to be someone who could handle that kind of responsibility.
I wanted that mysterious friendship.

Perhaps it's that my friends are too transparent. Or maybe I am. I'm don't know, but we're years into our girlfriend marriage and the mystery is gone. Makeup is forgotten. Showers aren't required for outings together. If it made sense for toilet seats to be left up, I'm sure they would be.

But then, this beautiful thing called blogging entered my life.
And this beautiful thing called Louise entered with it.
Louise and I met over Style Me Pretty. I commented, she followed my comment back here. And we met. She blogged about being The Thirty Something Bride (and has morphed her site into a fabulous look at the world of weddings) and something about my little site caught her eye and made her giggle.

Comments went back and forth. We were in the courting stage.
Then a wild thought: email.
And we were hooked. Full on dating had begun. Total girl crush. Matching necklaces to be purchased.

My first pen pal. And I haven't left her waiting by the mailbox once. Or offended her. Or forgotten to write until she's forgotten about me. Somehow, we've kept this going.

She wrote a post this morning for me.
I thought I'd write one for her tonight.

It's easy to see how an utter devotion to my laptop could have pulled me farther from my life -- I sit and I write. But if anything, it's brought me closer to the people I like, the people I'd forgotten I like, and the people I never knew I was meant to like. It could be solitary to blog and blog. But Chuck sits beside me, and you read it eventually, and just knowing the link is there is pure warmth.

I've loved this blog. A follow-through win. I've kept it going nearly a year.
And I'm going to keep loving this thing for bringing me people like Louise.
People like you.
And the people I'll like to come.


  1. Oh. My. God. That was so sweet. You're a REALLY good pen-pal. Really.

  2. But wait, really? Did we meet on Style Me Pretty? How did that happen? Am I a bad pen-pal now that I've admitted to forgetting where we met? Oh! The shame.....


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