The Part Two of Uno

Guess who's much less fussy than last night? This girl. Of course, I normally run 50-70% fussier than the average person so it may not be a noticeable difference. You can go ahead and pray for Chuck. He's a saint.

Decorations. Food. The stuff dreams are made of. And First Birthday Parties.

I love events. I've thrown plenty of showers. I've coordinated events for Fe and PK. And I've thrown enough weddings (I showed you two here and here) to know what I'm doing on the "event party" circuit -- it's what I love, besides teaching 6 year olds how to say please, read please, and apply the principles of please to their lives. But back to events. I'm fairly confident around finger food, punch bowls, and timelines. I know how to do this. And I know how to be humble, too. I'm better at being humble than you are. Dad says I'm the humblest.

I've been planning Lucy's birthday since approximately 5 pm January 7th, 2009. My "client", Shelley, had a few simple requests: Nothing frilly (no cucumber sandwiches or sweet little pastries). Primary colors. Done and done.

I instantly had a vision. And Shelley loved it -- she's an easy client. Always has been. Here was my vision. My inspiration picture.
This photo is from Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas. Amy is an incredible event designer in New York. Her "dessert tables" are the stuff of legends. This table is actually from a reader who fell in love with this concept like I did.

I decided to give it a go. And this is my dessert table for Lucy's party (pardon the odd coloring on the picture -- nothing like a back lit table in Fe's yellow kitchen. Turns my light meter on it's head and gives me a migraine):

The goal was to Keep It Simple. I wasn't feeling great, I wanted to actually enjoy this and not resent it, and I wanted it to be "Lucy Loved Food". So, my simple dessert table is rice krispie treats, chocolate covered bananas, mini cupcake sliders from Pinkalicious, and pitchers of milk. Remember those giant pompoms I made last week? I made medium and small versions to hang from the light and to use in "Lu" of flowers.

Oh, but in my best Price is Right voice, that's not all.
We also did a Food Food table (how else do you describe non-desserts? I'm at a loss).

Shelley wanted to go with an Asian feel for the menu. OK. Totally traditional "1st Birthday" cuisine. You've come to expect a lot from us. Keep It Simple. Keep It Simple: shelled edemame, pk's salmon dip, pineapple skewers, barbecue pork, teriyaki chicken skewers with peanut sauce, and Jennifer's egg rolls (I had to call in a favor to get those bad boys).

I wanted to make this so special for Lucy. A beautiful memory for Shelley -- her daughter is one. Sound the bells. Bang the drums.
I made "tags" for all the food. I like to know what I'm diving into. I don't like surprises. I'm a middle child with issues. I put the giant poms in all the windows, hung by yellow ribbon. I want to marry them and have their tissue paper babies in 2053.

And I put Shelley's cheer roots to good use and made her do an unholy amount of streamers. With 254 pictures, you'd think I'd have a photo of her superb workmanship. Or not. Sometimes I miss things. Sometimes.

3 tantrums, a half dozen meltdowns, and I made it. And it was everything I hoped it could be and more. Kind of like Lucy.


  1. You are a fantastic writer! :) I love reading your blog - you make simple things so relatable and enjoyable to read. Shelley should write a book about not following tradition when raising a child...she is so outside the box! Can I please be Lucy's teacher one day, I'd love to have a parent like Shelley.

  2. Oh Susie I am so proud of you. What a wonderful job you did. Everything was just beautiful. What a day for all to remember. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Love, MIL

  3. what a beauitful layout! YUM! Happy Birthday little lulu!


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